Here They Come

Oh yes! The God Awful 3s ((Here they come))
It’s not so bad when the child is a little bitty thing. She can cry and you understand her cry. When she gets 3; however, it is like a bricks come tumbling down around her. It is no longer the cry that you understand but it is her own language that she just starts all on her own. You are there trying to understand everything that drops from her mouth but you catch yourself just nodding and agreeing with her.
So, we go visit family. Jade starts out saying a few words at a time. Then its like the breaks come out and we all are slammed into the backseat wondering what in the world she is even talking about. How can a mother sit and translate her child own language that her little child has created in that big brain of hers. Makes you really wonder what it is she is really saying.

So, now the 3s have turned into the bossy 3s. The hands on the hips, staring you down look. The “I know you know what I want and I want it now”… This is the point where you just sigh to yourself and look down at her. You begin to talk softly and try to figure out what exactly she wants. I guess in a way she thinks I can just read her mind.. Oh boy if it was that easy!!

Anyway, on top of the “Oh my” 3s. I guess all in all I am a lucky mom. She does fill my heart with joy and comfort everyday. Her sweet smiles and her running up to me saying “Hug mommy” just brightens my day. Hearing her tell me “Jade’s tired” and then coming to give me a kiss and tell me she loves me as she runs down the hall with her blanket and pillow.

I love my little girl more than anyone would know, well, other than other moms/aunts/grandmothers/etc who have the same thing that just enlightens your world all throughout the day.

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  1. This made me laugh. My daughter is 3, so at least I know she is not the only one and there is other parents in my shoes. Thanks for the comments truly made my day.

  2. I know what you mean, I have a 4 year old stepson and the other day he asked if he could watch “Dispicable Me” but what he said was “can I watch sickle meme?” I had no idea what he said, and he repated it to be me at least 3x’s, so I finally repeated it back to him as I was hearing it and my wife became upset from the other room and said “He wants to watch Dispicable Me, can’t you understand him?” I couldn’t.


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