Jenna vs. Weight

Have you ever felt you just have no motivation to even start loosing weight?

Well, I have been there! I spent 3 years of my life just never wanting to do anything. I would wake up, tend to Jade, sit at the computer, watch TV and munch on endless of food. Why was I doing this? Because I was bored!!

So, now I’m guessing you are thinking How in the world I could be bored with a baby and being at home. HA! Tending to a child isn’t all fun and games as most people make believe. It is work, not like babysitting, but it is your responsibility. No one ever said it was going to be fun, hard, easy, or aggravating, just like with any job.

Here it is, being at home with a 3 year old is hard. I am home all the time. If my husband works 48 hours a week. I am home 48 hours that week, then on top of that if he has school then I am here at home, while he is at school. Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband it is just hard when you only have 1 vehicle and he is doing everything he possibly can to better our future, put groceries in our cabinets, and to provide for me and our baby.

As I sat in the house a light came on in my head. I wanted to do something for “me”. No one else, but just me. I needed a way to make me feel happy about myself. Something that I can wake up to and feel refresh. That is when I told myself that I was going to make me into the person I was way back when. I want to be myself again and for no one else but me. I want to make myself happy and I am tired of relying on others to try to even touch the need that I have been needing.

April, anyhow, I began to loose weight. Watching what I ate, and no not just watching it go into my mouth but actually watching how much I consumed that day. No more chips on the table, cupcakes on the counter, cookies in the cabinets. I do have the “100 calories” nutty butty bars in my cabinet though and I limit myself to one a day. As the day I started to decide that I was going to loose weight past by. I realized I needed something in the house to stare at me so I can see it. So that way I know it is there and I know I need to use it and to start getting these extra pounds off.

I have been using my elliptical and the Wii. I basically try to burn half of the calories I take in a day. I usually exercise, depending on my mood, in the morning and at night, right before bed. If I want a “sweet” I eat it after I exercise in the morning. This allows the sweet to be through your body before you lay down at night, so you are not storing the extra while your laying down. Another thing is I never eat after I workout before bed. I workout, take a hot shower, and go to sleep. This helps me!! I am no longer wanting something to eat right after I workout because I am too tired and its bedtime. The calories I burned off will stay off. Now I can just focus on my next day and not worry with what I ate the previous night before.

Now you know the Jenna vs. Weight. I do slip up, I do make my mistakes, but I’m not going to give up in what I want or let it make me depressed. This is what is making me happy and for once in a long time I am truly happy about myself.

~Thanks for reading~

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  1. Congrats on doing it for YOU. As you might have read in my blog: I started my weight loss adventure (I don’t like the word diet) on May 2nd. I am feeling better, I can’t wait to see what I look like in October that will be 5 months and I should be able to see a dramatic difference.

    Good luck…YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    • Thanks!! I did read your blog and I loved reading about your Chris Clay (diet) Adventure. Good luck to you as well!! I am going to start posting pics of how I do, this way my readers can help see the difference and it is another way for me to look back on how far I have came. I haven’t been on my adventure forever either, I just started in April 😮 I lost 13lbs in April alone, so I waiting to go back June 3rd for a follow up visit to see how much I have lost this month. I will be posting on that as well, as I made a new post today about My Journey (as I like to call it). I hope you keep stopping by and the same goes to you to, You Can Do it, too!!

  2. I love getting the updates on your weight loss journey! Im proud of you and so happy for you. Doesn’t it feel great to take care of yourself? I just joined a gym, and I am starting Healthy Trim.

    • Thank You Kayla! You are such a great friend! Yes it does feels absolutely wonderful!! I love the feeling after you have been working out too!! I am so proud of you too!! 😉 I will keep up with you and be around if you ever need some encouragement! Just remember every little bead of sweat is just a calorie falling from your body.

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