Just A Day

Today is one of those, clear your throat, eye watering days. I really hate allergies, but I don’t guess there is really anything to really help them. I can chug some Benadryl, lay on the couch, squint at the comp or TV and just pray that the pressure eases soon. Then in about 2 hours look around the house and think “did I not clean all this junk up yesterday?” It is like a small bomb went off in the living room. Between kid toys, and dishes you would think we had a caterer that just brings you what you needed. You place your cup, plate, silverware, movies, remote, and papers on the table expecting your “imaginary” butler or maid to run and come get them. On top of that I love how the trash fills up within a day and you start mashing things down so you can fit one more piece of trash on top. You can wait, and wait on someone else to empty the trash, but it will be you that finally pulls it from the can and ties it up.

Walking through the living room is like scraping your feet across the floor, making sure you don’t step on anything that’s plastic, pointed, hard, or anything that will hurt the bottom of your feet and leave you mumbling words you shouldn’t say out loud. If you do slip and say something then you will hear it echo from the little child who is near you. You then stop for a moment and turn around to tell them, “No honey. Please do not repeat Mommy. Clean up your toys!”

I usually just let the toys stay wherever, til I know I’m having company come over. What is the point of cleaning up the same toys everyday, every hour, when the child is happy, content and isn’t whining the whole time she has them out? Just kick them to the side as you make your way to the kitchen.

Have you ever noticed that toys end up in the weirdest place? Under the couch, in the couch, in a shoe, under the bookcase, beside you, or in your pocket? What is up with this? Does the child like seeing you in pain when they put their block in your shoe? You try to slide your foot into your favorite tennis shoe to realize your foot all of the sudden is small, and in a tight place, your toes can not move and you have to pull your shoe off, dig the toy out then redo the whole process.

Well, I guess this is where I am going to find me some coffee and carry on with washing dishes. I hope you have enjoyed reading. I’m, however, going to get this house cleaned, one way or another. Rather its closing my eyes and wishing it all away or just busting tail to get it done, the way I want it done. I hope you have a wonderful day, thanks for reading.

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  2. Thanks!

  3. I can totally relate! Good stuff


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