What Happened?

We live at home where the bills get paid behind our back, the groceries come in the house as we help unload them from the car, the electricity just automatically stays on, the water is always hot, the gas stove (usually) tends to work, and you can just get in the car and go.

As kids, we never really put the pieces together because when you got home from school, you did your homework, played outside til dusk, did your homework, shower, then bed. I guess as kids you never really wanted to figure it out. We think that getting married will be easy and the thoughts of why the parents are never home, just didn’t bother you because you tend to do your own thing til they pull in the driveway.

Don’t read it the wrong way. It is “different” being married. You realize what has to be done, the bills, keeping the house clean, doing chores – the ones you hated when you was a kid, and all the cooking (unless you hit the places that doesn’t help your “diet”). Kids, now-a-days, seem to have it so easy. They are constantly inside, playing on gaming systems, computers or on their phone. I bet half of the kids don’t even know their neighbors. What happened to playing basketball, swimming, doing homework, eating, spending the night with your neighbors?

So, as you drive to your next destination, have a look around and see how many kids are outside playing. I bet you will noticed what I have.

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  1. It is always good to know your neighbors, you never know they could save your life one day, or help you watch your place when your gone on vacation or something. Now a days you always hear of break ins or other things happening, and the next house be 20 yards away or closer and they never see or hear anything. I do believe if you step out to meet your neighbors, then it brings comfort into your place.

  2. Interesting, I agree with you, however when me and my wife moved in both of our nextdoor neighbors went the extra mile to introduce themselves. I was kinda blown away, because my previous marriage I only knew 1 of my neighbors, the other I could care less.

  3. Jammer

     /  May 14, 2011

    So true … even for adults. I’ve lived in this new house for 6 months now and haven’t said a word to my neighbors. They are as anti-social as I am, it seems.

    • I remember there being a time you knew all your neighbors. You would wave, get your mail, spring up a quick conversation and go on. Now it is like new neighbors come in, and you just watch them through the blinds of you window (creepy?).

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