Have you ever had someone you loved die?

My grandmother died in 2004. I never thought I would picture this growing up. She was my rock, comfort, and like my 2nd mom.

I would get off the bus and walk to her house before walking to my own. She would make sure I had something to eat, a crossword book, or a recipe book. We would help each other out with the Crossword because I never would get the right words.

I miss those times I could just go to Mawmaw’s and talk to her. She would give me advice, take my hand and tell me everything was going to be alright.

She loved her flowers, garden, cooking, and spending time with others. I will never forget how she hugged or the way she would make pound cake and bring me the beater from the mixer. She would tell me she loved me everyday.

I remember one time I didn’t stop at her house, I ran all the home (Which her house was only like 50 yards from mine). I got to the front door and the phone was already ringing, wondering why in the world I did not stop for supper, and that she had a bowl I could lick clean. She always knew how to make my day so much better!

I miss her everyday, but sometimes I just sit somewhere and go back to the memories I have of her.

It is hard to believe that cancer took her away from us. If you never had anyone close to you die of cancer, it is so hard to watch your love one go through pain, hurt, torment, and no strength. There is not a day I don’t think about her. I know she would love my little girl as much as she loved everyone else.

If I could bring her back just for 1 day, I would.

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  1. Sorry for your lost! I know how hard it is. I still think about her all the time. She was also my best friend. ~sending thoughtful hugs to you~ I am sure you think about your granny a lot too. Cancer can be so terrible.


  2. Thanks, your Mawmaw sounds a lot like my Granny, we lost her to cancer as well in 2005. She was my best friend.


  3. Leslie

     /  May 15, 2011

    I remember her growing up, too. We would always see her when we stayed with Grandmother. I used to love visiting her at Kroger! She would always give me and Julie some goodie that she had just made.


    • Yes she would. She was so wonderful πŸ˜€ I love remembering stuff like that. One time she got everything together for my birthday to be over Kroger. It was like a birthday/storage room thing. One of her friends dressed up as a clown. It was a lot of fun. You mentioning Kroger reminded me of that, πŸ˜€


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