Why is it some people can not suck up their pride and apologize? Is it really that hard to face the truth?

I am sure some of my readers think they deserve an apology, just like I do. I have reached out, many times, and told others I am sorry even when I didn’t know what I did wrong. Sometimes we just have to admit it to ourselves that we are wrong, suck it up and tell someone the truth with an apology. It is best to tell someone you are sorry, even if they have probably forgotten the situation even exist. Don’t tell yourself that you don’t WANT to, there has to be a reason in why it bothers you or that you even think about it.

When you do apologize I am sure you will feel 10 times better about yourself.

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  1. aww thanks. I hope she gets to read it.

  2. My wife would love this post


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