Spring Time

A joyous time where the winds are chilly, sun is bright, birds are singing, grass is greener, and the temperatures are just right.

Nothing compares to sitting on your front porch watching your little girl pick the fresh grown flower, then bring it to you with a smile.

Spring Time is when the grill comes out, the lawnmower gets used and bathing suits are re-washed. Rays of sunlight come through your pulled back curtains, as you watch the birds carelessly dance through the sky. Oh, how I wish time could just stand still in the spring time. The weather is perfect to cuddle up to your hubby, or your child, eating ice cream on the patio in the full moon light.

What season is your favorite time of year?

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  1. LOL! I love fall too. Football season comes out, wedding anniversary is in the fall, too. Too bad we can’t have the perfect world 😦 I love Spring when its April, but when it starts to change and it hits 90 degrees outside.then I wish Fall would get here lol

  2. Fall.

    However in my perfect world it would Spring in the daytime & Fall at night.


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