(Updating since I missed yesterday)

Just one of our ordinary days to begin the middle of the week. The beginning of some of us counting down till the weekend. Why is it we wish our days could go by so quickly? Like our lives are not short enough as it is.

My Wednesday did not start as well as I wanted it too. Waking up with hubby telling me that our net is off, then my SD card (from the camera) has a corrupted file and wouldn’t even load pictures from Easter or our Vacation to TN, the toliet getting clogged and my daughter keeps flushing it anyway, computer got froze, then I wanted to paint realizing I don’t have any paint to get started on another project I am working on. Bah! I guess I just need to be thankful of what I got and that is another day to be alive, pretty weather and time to spend with my daughter.

As the day went on, I worked in my flower beds, drew out a landscape of what I want our yard to look like, cleaned house and played ball with Jade. As the day started off bad, it ended on a very good note.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful day, just 1 more day til Friday. Put a smile on your face as the day is not as bad as we thought.

~ Happy Wednesday~

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