Friday; Graduation Day

Oh yes, the weekend begins. This time of year is when young students graduate high school, the beginning of their adult life starts to unfold. College is just around the corner and your high school friends will soon drift out of your life, as your best friends keep in touch and eventually become your true friends in your world.

So, this Friday, I am getting ready to watch my husband’s cousin graduate. He has proved to himself and the whole family that he can pull through struggles and face battles to do what is better for him and no one else can stop him. He is a believer in God and already has a job. Ryan McGhee, you are truly a blessing not just to yourself but to your whole family. Keep your head held high and always have a smile, the one you wear so well, you deserve it. Congratulations on the big day, the last day you walk down your high school halls, and the start of how you want to stand out in the world, and finding out what makes you happy in life. Remember only you can hold the power of how far you will succeed and don’t let any others stand in your way.

I hope everyone else s Friday is absolutely amazing. Mine is already getting filled with happiness. TGIF

Congrats to Seniors of 2011

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