Life, in my little girl’s eyes

As young girls grow, we go from innocent kids, to teens than adults. We start off so small, learning from the parents who brought us into the world, or to parents who stepped in to help, or the single parents who somehow made it possible through the storms.

As a parent, myself, I look at my little girl, not wanting to think about her path before her, but about the path she walks now. She has made me realize how life should be simple. Who would have known a 3-year-old could teach a powerful lesson to her mom?

This is coming from a child who we didn’t know if she would “make it out of the woods” as she laid helpless in NICU for 9 days after she was born in 2007. The little girl, who has fought her battles just to become a normal child, and a blessing in a lot of people’s eyes, is now teaching her own mom.

My little girl has shown me that the smallest things in life matter most. Like, stopping to pick a flower and smelling it before running after her favorite cat, or while I am working in the flower bed, she brings me her ball, I stop what I am doing to play ball with her, tossing it back and forth as I watch her eyes light up and her beautiful laugh fills the air.

Every day she makes her mama proud. I let her live her life day by day, as we are not little ones forever. I teach her what I can, how beautiful she is, or funny she may be. We celebrate her milestones as if she was declared princess. We sing our ABC’s, but she seems to like Leap Frog better than me.

I try to do what mothers are to do, teach her things she needs to know or show her that just because you fall down doesn’t make your whole day bad. You just have to dust it off and keep going. There is some sunlight outside; it is just up for us to find it.

As a parent I do not think I am perfect, as I do make mistakes on my own. I try not to let my mistakes take a hold of me, as I learn from these and will pass it on to my child one day. I have found my happiness and I found it because of a little girl who says, “Momma”, three hundred million times a day. She may never know how much she means to me, but I hope one day she will realize how she has opened my eyes.

Now every time I pass my rose-bush, I smile and take a sniff, as my child would if she was running by. Maybe next time I can grab her up and dance under the sun, barefoot in the grass, or lay down and watch the clouds move as she tells me what she sees written or drawn in the sky, but knowing her, she will spot an airplane and ask if she can go get it, as I wish her future dreams will be that high.

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  1. OMG, that was so sweet! I found your blog through Domestic Recluses, SAHBbatical page and I feel the exact same way about my two-year-old. Only, she calls me Daddy, not Momma. Although, I have been known to answer to both sometimes when I’m really tired… 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 Welcome aboard my random blog, lol. When my little one was little I would answer to both, too. My hubby was on night shift so I was both, ha! I will have to visit your blog soon.

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