We’re All Left Behind

Doomsday has gone and left us.

My husband, daughter and I pack up to go to Lisa’s house, where her husband is cooking for us. We all sat together in the living room as 6:00pm got closer, not knowing if we’re just going to “disappear” from one another. We looked outside the window watching the clouds roll by, just like any other “normal” day should look. We closed our eyes as we said a prayer, a short one nevertheless. We’re all crowded into the room, all reaching into our pockets pulling out our phone and waited for the 6:00pm with only 1 minute remaining.

You could hear faint whispering of the TV, heaving breathing from the impatient kids, mumbling coming from radio, air blowing from the ceiling fan 3 foot away. You could have heard a pen drop from the next town, yeah if only I wasn’t making this stuff up, HA!

Looks like we all got left behind folks. I got more days to hear my daughter’s 3 year old tantrums, write in my blog, and complain about the usual stuff and more days of my husband putting up with me.

However, the day went very well, spending time with family, telling jokes and endless laughing. I love my family, even my in-laws. They all make me feel welcomed and loved. It wouldn’t be normal if they weren’t around, kind of fills the empty void I feel sometimes. Well, back to reading I go.. I hope your weather was nice and you got to laugh as much as we did, till tomorrow my follow readers. Goodnight!

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  1. At least you wanted to spend you last day with me and my cooking. Haha!


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