Sunday Sunday

Sunday was very hot, unpleasant, humid day. The type of air that your lungs feel trapped with no escape. Your body feels heavier on these crappy days, which I never really knew why.

Well, this Sunday afternoon when we got home from shopping, we all crashed under the AC, downed some water and waited impatiently for the sun to set just over the tree tops, just enough light left in the day to plant bushes and a tree in my new flower bed.

I am landscaping my front yard, yes, me, stay at home mom, 25 year old country girl, doing just that. I have found that working in the yard keeps my mind busy, and my body moving to burn those extra calories throughout the day. On top of figuring out how I want to lay out my new yard, I have to keep track of my daughter, as one day with my back turned (hoeing the grass in my flower bed); my lovely daughter took a rock and drew circles on the trunk of the car. She was so proud of herself, kept saying “OoOO Pretty mommy”; when she said that it was hard to stay mad at her, as she just started drawing circles (she is 3). I did tell her not to do it anymore and she ran from me crying, oh how I crushed her pretty drawing. Well, back to the topic, I bought a Gardenia (a bush) and a crape myrtle today, and I had to move my hydrangea (bush) in a more shady area, he was looking sad in the sun. As I moved him I did notice why, so maybe he will be happy now. Yes, he, I don’t know why, but it seems to fit somehow. I will one day post pictures of how it is coming along, just need to remind myself to charge my camera.

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  1. Your anecdote reminds me of the one and only time I drew some pretty flowers for her. In lipstick. On the wall of the motel we were staying at while my mom and dad looked for a house in the city to which we’d just returned.


    • lol sounds so close to our adventure with the rock.. Did you look look at lipstick the same again? I’m hoping she wont do that anymore. Today it will be 100 degrees so I think we are cleaning house today. (at least I wont have to worry till tomorrow when we are back outside).

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