Another Morning

Monday, I have never understand why Mondays got the terrible nickname, the bad day of the week. Usually, My Mondays are okay. Just an ordinary day, well except for last Monday, yeah we wont go there.

Today, however, I am cleaning house since husband was home all weekend. When the husband is home, the house looks like a nightmare. I don’t understand this, but it happens. All the dirty clothes never get washed, dishes pile up, trash doesn’t get took out, toys are everywhere, and the endless of my chore list continues on. I am going to add exercise in my day this week, I only have a week to bust tail before I go before my Dr. I have to see how much weight I lost this month. then I am off my diet pill for 3 months. I am hoping and I know will lose weight! I have already lost 13lbs since April and now it is time for more!

To house work; Here I come!

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  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

     /  May 25, 2011

    I don’t have especially strong feelings on Mondays. I mean, heck, if we’re writing Mondays off as a loss, we might as well throw in Sundays as well . . . aren’t they 1/3 of a Monday sandwich, anyway?!

    Unrelatedly–13 pounds?! Congrats! πŸ˜€


    • If we throw off Sundays, does that mean Tuesday go to? So, let think about then we will really only have Wed, Thur, Fri and Saturday. LOL Which most people like that kind of week since Wednesday is the countdown to the weekend. Now every time Sunday gets here Im going to think of Monday Sandwiches πŸ˜€
      and Thanks!! Yeah 13 lbs, and 50 to go loool I know I can do it, just takes time and self-motivation. And WTG on your book!! Thats such an amazing thing. I hope your birthday went well xoxo


  2. I always think Monday is a good day to do housework πŸ™‚ clear the decks before the week gets underway.
    Congrats on 13lbs lost, that’s masses!


    • Yes. Monday is the day to undergo house work, especially since its 100 degrees outside 😦 I am hoping to get out late this evening to get some yard work done. Thanks!! I have 50lbs to go, but Im not rushing it. I just do what I can and I know I can get there if it takes a year. Happy Monday to you too πŸ˜€


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