New Beginnings

Seems lately I have a lot to think about. I figured I could write about it, get it out of my system so to speak.

Lets start from, um…

I was raised as an only child, when in reality I have 3 sisters, and a brother (1/2 siblings) on my real dads side. No one ever knew I had siblings, I never talked about it, unless someone went to school with them, or someone asked me. I went most of my life without them (my choice). I was raised by my step-dad for 13 years. He always told me he would adopt me, not to worry about anything. I even had my Letterman jacket from high school with my step-dads last name on it. However, when my step-dad and mom got a divorced, he divorced me too. He walked out of my life with never looking back.

I found my (ex) step-dad on FB about 2 years ago. I would send him private messages about twice a year (when I would think about him). I would just tell him I was thinking about him and I hoped that he was doing well. After 2 years of sending messages and never hearing anything he finally wrote me back recently. He told me I lied to him for years and he has nothing for me, and to never contact him again. (He was the one that cheated on my mom and married his girlfriend, so who lied for years?) This really bothered me that he didn’t have the balls to explain his reasoning, or why he even thought the way he did, but who knows it could have been his wife writing me back. Well, I finally said screw it. I am moving on. I went without him for this long, I can go more. That dang Letterman Jacket though, every time I open my closet it stares at me, been thinking about mailing it my ex (grandparents). I am sure if my (ex) step-dad thinks Im a lair, then they do too, so I am breaking down my bridges and moving on from the hurt, sucking up my tears and walking.

My days recently have changed a bit. My siblings have been calling wanting to come visit. I think it would be great to reach out and see how things go. Blood is thicker than water and I am willing to give anything a chance. God has closed a door so a new window will open and my window is blowing in some nice wind.

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  1. Wow, I never knew any of this. Your a strong woman, a great mom, an excellent friend, and a beautiful person. Your ex step dad sounds like a sad man and its a shame he gave up the chance to know you. However I definitely think you should take the chance and reach out to your siblings. You never know what may happen and if it worked out it could change your lives in such amazing ways!


    • yeah. I usually don’t tell people my stories, but if I did you would be amazed lol. Thanks for the encouraging words. At least I am working on things to see how things so, never know the possibilities till you try them. It is time to do what makes me happy instead of ignoring my feelings šŸ˜€ So here is to the new beginning in myself. Btw – you are such an inspiration. You are strong, wise and have a lot of possibilities ahead of yourself. You keep up the hard work too.


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