I have decided to be random and tell you my…Likes:
Chocolate Covered Cherries (Cellas), Friends, Hot Chocolate, Peppermint, Traveling/Vacation, taking pictures, sleeping, being a mom, reading/writing blogs, music, movies (Twilight, Harry Potter, Failure to Launch, etc.), muscle cars (’68 Mustang), God, laughing, talking on the phone, texting, smiling, decorating inside/outside, Animals, TV Shows (Friends, House, Bones, Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Kitchen Nightmares, etc.), Rollercoasters, reading books, flavored water (grape and fruit punch), folding clothes (its peaceful), rain, the smell of gasoline, editing photos, planting flowers, sun, driving alone, number 7 and many more. If I kept listing it might be a year before I have them all. I am not a very picky person.

Lairs, heights, PMS, trash, snakes, spiders, allergies, tornadoes/bad weather, collards, cucumbers, olives, Bills, horror movies, negative people, floral scents (they make me sneeze), Chocolate Covered Cherries (with the white creme), my dog shedding, dusting, and etc. I dont have a lot of dislikes, but who wants to know all my dislikes anyway?

Maybe this is will help you understand who I am, or you are just bored and wanted something to read.

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  1. I shouldn’t be bored with everything I have to do in the next 26 hours, and I’m not . . . but I like a good distraction combined with a chance to learn a little more about someone awesome!

    Disliking olives and horror movies, though? *gasp*

    • I shouldn’t be bored either. I have so many things going on at once, lol! I love reading about others to, kinda gives you a since of their world. And yes, olives are gross and horror movies.. I wont be able to sleep for 2 weeks… I watched Paranormal Activity one night and didn’t sleep for 2 weeks 😦

  2. the smell of gasoline??!! That explains a lot. LOL jk 😉

    • rofl, shh!! I do like the smell of it though O.o weird much? but I hate the smell of propane ROFL!

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