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Here is my opinion on Online Dating. This is not related to looking up people around your neighborhood. I am simply just venting about “Online Dating” of someone who is over 2 hours away, across state, another country, a thousand miles apart, and etc. The type of “online dating” that you cannot see the person when you want to and the computer is the only thing you have to really keep up with communication, other than your phone.

I disagree with “online dating”. I believe you should not put your life on hold for someone you may or may not be able to meet within a few weeks to a month. My reasoning on this is; What if you didn’t date for two months, because you are “dating” someone online, waiting for your other to meet you? You have wasted time away, when the right one could be walking by your door. What if you waited six months, then they finally comes to see you and you’re not attracted to them sexually in person, or they constantly have bad breath, their hands are so rough it is like rubbing sand paper across your skin, or you just have no “spark”?

I have seen my friends date online and I just don’t get it. I can see how it fills the void that you so long desire, or the thought of “love” being there. I can also see how you can give it everything you have and all your emotions be involved with someone who is “connected” to you.

On the other hand, I totally see how some fall in love with someone over “online dating”, your emotions are real, you totally click as a person, and they are here for one another through thick and thin. Believe me; falling in love online is possible, I have seen it. I just don’t believe in wasting your life a way for something that may or may not be there. I do agree that you can be friends with your “online” other and date others as you are not “exclusive” with your online toy till they come to visit you in person, then you can decide where it goes from there.

Don’t shut your possibilities out for someone who you won’t visit or see. Live your life now instead of wishing for tomorrow, but anyway, now you know my thoughts on Online Dating.

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