I want this!

This is what Jade did yesterday that lightened up my day…
I was sitting in the chair in the living room; Jade was standing in front of me, so I picked her up like a baby. I was brushing her hair behind her ear with my fingers, as I was telling her “Jade is such a pretty baby. Jade is my baby.” I then sat her down in the floor in front of me; she was laughing and carrying on. She got up and went to her bedroom, as Hubby and I sat and talked about his day. Jade, eventually, came from around the corner and I was sitting close to the hallway. She stood in front of me with her elbow out saying “Do this”, I looked at her elbow and her arm, trying to figure out what she was talking about. I looked at her as I said, “Do what?” She then comes to me and points to my lap, “I want this, Jade the baby, and I want this Mommy.” I started laughing as she stood in front me, she was kicking up her legs so I could cradled her like a baby 😀 She really knows how to make Mommy smile!

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  1. Thanks you guys! It is both of us. She is my world, even with her terrible 3s at time lol


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