Today, I am thinking. I have been thinking about these things since Jade turned 3, December. I want us to have another baby. I don’t want Jade growing up feeling alone like I did. I want her to be able to have someone to play with when her sibling gets old enough, but I don’t want them not wanting to play with each other due to age differences. I was thinking about waiting till she starts Pre-K next August (2012), but it took us over a year to get pregnant with Jade. I had a terrible time when she got here, due to Rh factor, her being in NICU for 9 days, and so on. Also, we only have 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, so then I was thinking on waiting till we had enough room for 2 kiddos. So they can each have their own room or space, but with waiting could be more than a year, or 2 or 5 years.

If it takes a year or longer to get pregnant then Jade will already be in school, but being 4-5 years apart make a difference? I don’t know the answers to the question since I was the only one playing with my imaginary friends, or toys, being the teacher to my dolls in my room, and playing on my swing.  Since I know some of my readers have kids, maybe you could give me advice?

I am a stay at home mom, and of course like most parents you go through the in and outs of wanting another child, baring the pressure of another kid, and more things you have to have responsibility for. I know parenting isn’t easy, but if you want something, then you have to make changes and accept that things happen. You have to think differently, and find time to bring another child into the world.

I also want to get back to my “goal” weight of 120lbs, but with wanting another baby.. Idk LOL

I guess I will just have to wait and see, who knows, right? If we do have another baby.. I think Jade is going to be jealous. She throws a fit if Hubby even touches me, kisses me, and holds my hand or we are too close. 😀 the joys of motherhood.

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  1. ROFL!!! Yes ma! Bray is already coming out in Jade 😮 Im in trouble :P~~ jk, but maybe one day we will have another one 😉 first we need another form of transportation lol

  2. Nope…Nadda….I just cant let you have another kiddo. If yall come over this house will sho nuff be a wild house!! Nope …No mo Kiddooo. 😉

  3. My daughter is an only child and while I sympathize with your view, it’s not so bad. At least we can affors to spoil her and she can always surround herself with an extended family of siblings.

  4. eeps on 4 kiddos.. Sometimes I think 1 is enough, but then again.. I don’t want her to be lonely… I have been there, it isn’t fun. IDK, I might just have to hold out and see how it goes. I know hubby wants another one, but I think 5 years might be a big difference.. one in 5th, one in Kindergarten. Just looking out for possibilities, what, and the what ifs. LOL@ Reversal & redo.. yeah I dont think he would be much for that either, ha!

  5. oh – btw…I’m pretty sure that my FANTASTIC hubby, isn’t much for the vasectomy reversal & redo!!! bbbaaaaahhhahahaha

  6. I felt bad for stopping w/ our Miss K but if we “expanded” now – that one would need someone to play with…and I’m sure not havin’ 4 kids!!!!! I think it helps to have them at similar play ages – it eliminates the alone-ness. Bunk beds!

  7. True. You know me though… always thinking. I guess Ill just be thinking about my weight loss for now and my landscaping 😀 ha!

  8. I too was the only child to say the least and I too thought about wanting the kids close. I said three years. Now look at me. Two kids…three years apart….the fights, the screams, the tantrums, the jealously, the crys (me mostly), and the struggle.

    I’d wait…..your house will be more peaceful!


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