May 29th Diet

Well, this month has been highs and lows 😦
My motivation keeps slacking every time I turn around. This month its been bladder infections off and on for 2 weeks, not going to the bathroom like I should, a crappy womanly flow and just blah! I have been busy with all my projects but my motivation has been lacking. I want to get things done, but don’t feel the energy to find it. (Sorry if some of you are at a TMI moment)

So, What I ate today…

Breakfast: 1 cup cereal 1/2 cup 2% milk
Lunch: Nodda
Snack: Nodda
Dinner: Double Cheeseburger meal (only ate the burger and around 10 fries) with a sweet tea (Water is always gross there).

Exercise: my eyes when I go to sleep

I have tooooooo find my motivation!!! It is one of those jvnjfnvjnjnvjndv moments. HA! Tomorrow, will be another day to try to get my feet off the ground!

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  1. Good luck!

  2. Ya gotta eat more than that to have enough energy to do anything : ) – If you have changed your diet to be high protein, it will pack a punch on your bladder and kidneys and water is KEY, especially in this heat – I know that all too well from experience. If your PMS stuff starts getting worse than normal (I got so moody that I couldn’t even stand myself) then add a good multi-vitamin to your routine – my GYN recommended it – and it has helped A LOT! She said if that didn’t work to come back and see her, but it has helped, as well as taking a vitamin D (as D3, 5000 IU/day supplement. Hang in there!!! xo

    • Thanks Jennifer!! I have been making changes to my diet slowly. First just watching my proportions than adding or subtracting more. These past couple of days have been hard though. All I usually drink is water, but I hate water from restaurants, idk why lol. I usually get sweet tea then when I get home fix me was water flavored fruit punch. I have always been dehydrated, they never understood it even when I was in the hospital. I go back to my doctor on Friday, so I am hoping he can help me along the way!! I will get there just have to get out of the rut. Thanks for the encouragement and tomorrow will be a better day 😀

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