Endless Nights With Toilet Paper

 Today, as I was sweating from my pores, while sitting in the house of course my nose starts to run. It seems my allergies just come and go as they please, usually ending up on the days that I am suffering. Suffering from heat or other problems that go on in my life. So, now before I bed I will grab my toilet paper, pillow, and sheet to lay in front of the air conditioning as it blows in my face. This somehow helps pull the pressure off my cheek bones, and I can eventually drift off into the endless night of sleep, unless of course my legs starts to ache, or my nose starts to drain. I will, however, pull a sheet of toilet paper off the roll and form it into a small rectangle, just big enough to fit in my nostril as I lay my head down on my pillow. This keeps me from sniffling or my nose draining down my face or making my pillow wet. I have took my Benadryl that really isn’t working. I have took a shower to stand in the mist of the hot water, trimmed my nose hairs, now just getting off here to slide in my bed next to my hubby. I hope you have a good night as I have the happy sniffles til I dose off into the night.

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  1. I just had this romantic picture of you sliding into bed and his expression. Sorry! Ha..ha.. I had to go there.

  2. My sympathies, young lady! Hang in there.

    • Thanks! I go to the Dr tomorrow so I can get a shot 🙂 and a check up on my weight loss

  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


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