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Day 02: Your least favorite song

I have this song that I hate hearing. If it comes on the radio I will change it. You might think its the best song, but geeee it is played too much. Even though I love Eminem, but this song has to go…

B.O.B – Airplanes

Just In Case You Missed yesterdays Music Challenge:
Day 01: Your favorite song

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  1. Noooooo! I love this song! OK, I don’t love it anymore, but I did love it before the billionth time I heard it in a one-month period.

    That G6 song is my least favorite song ever. *shudder* How does stuff like that get (a) made then (b) played?!

  2. There’s nothing worse than a song you hate stuck in your head!

    • LOL Ikr. and then they play it over and over blah! I rather listen to the wind lool

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