Rough Ride

Going to Church with or without him.. Something has to give. 🙂 Time to step forward instead of backwards, time to pull it together, than bite my tongue every time I turn around, its time to make a difference, rather it is for us or me.

This weekend has been hard on me, mentally and emotionally. Its time for a change. I will make a change. I will figure this out all own my own.

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  1. Just remember….YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

  2. Lord knows change is never easy, especially if you weren’t planning on it. What makes it bearable are the people you surround yourself with. Hope all goes well.


    • Thanks adn 🙂 So true, and I will get through this, just a matter of time I guess. I hope everything goes well with you too.

  3. We all pray for change in our life to better ourselves. Sadly, the only people we can change is ourselves, and even that isn’t always easy. Just remember, a little ant can carry many times it’s weight, and we women are no different. God made us special. We are mighty.

  4. Hang in there!!!!


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