Waking up To Here We Go Looby Loo

This morning Jade came and woke me up. I rolled out of bed, yes rolled, like ever so slightly making my way to the other end of the king size bed, taking all the time I had in the world to lay my head down on the pillow close my eyes for 2 minutes sleep, then roll again. The type of roll that you drag out, you go in slow motion as you get to the end. You sit at the edge of the bed with your feet dangling to the floor, wiping your eyes, picking the sleep out of the corner of your eye, you stretch, you feel every muscle in your body move, your joints pop, and then you stand up. At this point Jade is standing in front of me saying, “Morning Mommy, I am hungry, I want cereal, cookies, milk, Mommy, I am hungry.”

As I begin my journey through the house I notice the refrigerator door is open, and not slightly cracked, but   completely fully open. I bet all the coldness from in that box is drifting through my house. There is no telling how long this door as been open, as I just woke up. I make my way to the kitchen, kicking toys out from under my feet, stepping on a musical book as Here We Go Looby Loo sings out behind me. I get to the refrigerator as I notice 8 slices of cheese have a bite out of them, 2 bologna’s are gone, but the red lining is lying on the shelf, and the milk is sitting on the counter.

I look at Jade and ask her if she done this, she starts laughing and saying, “but Mommy I’m hungry.I want milk in my cup.”  I ask her what she would like to eat, pointing to the boxes of cereal above the refrigerator, she starts jumping for joy as I point to the Pops cereal. I grab the box start making her cereal and she starts crying, throwing herself in the floor like I have murdered her cereal. I look at her and ask what is wrong and she just wants milk in her bowl, not the cereal, well not yet at least. I begin to tell her she can’t have just milk in her bowl, if she wants milk she has to drink it from the cup, but no, she wants the milk in the bowl so she can drink it from her bowl. 🙂 Oh how her Daddy has taught her well. Not that he just drinks milk from the bowl, but that she has caught on that you can drink from the bowl.

Jade runs and finds her cup from the strainer. She finds it and brings it to me, I fill it up, and then she brings me her bowl. Now she wants her cereal. At this point I am still groggy headed, as I am still in the sleepy state of mind. I pour her some cereal, and milk into the bowl and Jade darts off to the living room.  So, this is just the beginning of my morning, let’s see how the rest of the day turns out. I hope you have had a wonderful morning. A cheer to my mate’s; with my cup of fruit punch flavored water.

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  1. That just reminded me when my youngest was still little. I got the same thing in the morning. In his broken sentence all he would say is “Ce-ral..Mom..Ce-ral!” So incredibly cute. Now all I hear is, “Hey, do you have some money so I can do this and that or can I spend the night here or there, because this house is soooooo boring?” Enjoy it while you can. Right now you’re living the charmed life with children.


    • I do enjoy it. After waking up to her bouncing all happy for cereal. She is so sweet most of the time. She is getting to the point of fixing her own breakfast though. She will fetch a spoon from the strainer and pull the yogurt from the refrig, pull the top off the yogurt and eat it till its all gone. She even knows how to work Netflix on the Wii to bring up her favorite cartoons on Recently Watched or Instant Que.


  2. Domestic life rocks, right?


  3. Oh what a beautiful morning! 🙂



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