As my World Turns

My day was going well today.

It started out by cleaning, bedroom cleaned, 2 loads of clothes folded, more clothes in the washer and dryer, bathroom cleaned (shower, toilet, mirror, mopped, bedroom & hallway vacuumed. As I was going to put up the vacuum I called my daughter over to me, lowered the handle on the vacuum to show her it wont hurt her. Well let me tell you, she had nothing for it! She was jumping up and down, screaming, shaking her head no, her blood pressure got up and her scabbed knee started bleeding, bleeding enough it was rolling down her leg. I called hubby to come get her, to get her off the carpet. I never will let her touch the vacuum again. I just thought it would help, since she is so freaked out about it 😦 Maybe one day she will be okay.

As the day went on we went to get something to eat, went to the store to get breakfast stuff for tomorrow. We get home and Hubby leaves for school, it started to rain a little bit. I take Jades food in so she can eat it when she wants, and I go outside to make phone calls. Im on the porch talking away, then I started working in my new flowerbed that I am making. I am outside for an hour (and yes I have been talking to Jade through the AC window), I decided to go in for a bathroom break and plus the rain started coming down harder. I get to the door and turn the knob….

O M G! Jade has locked me out of the house! I start jiggling the knob and yelling for Jade to come open the door. Jade comes to the door, turns the knob, nothing happens because it is locked! This is the conversation…

Me: “Jade open the door!”
Jade: “But mommmmmmmy HOPEN THA DOOOOREEEEE”
Me: “Jade turn the knob, and open the door.”
~Jade turns the knob and starts knocking on the door~
Jade: “Mommmmyyyy me go OUTSIDE!”
Me: “Jade turn the button on the knob”
~Jade turns the knob and wiggling the door, knocks again~
Me: “Dang it Jade!!! UNLOCK THE DOOOR!”
~Hear the door click~ Jade opens the door
Jade: “I HOPPPPEN Dooorreee mommy, here you go”

Of course during all this.. I am doing the pee dance, and I have rain running down my face. When the door opens, I no longer have to pee (not bc I peed myself but because I was laughing so hard) Now, of course I am leaving a key outside on the porch!

As another hour passes I am talking to my friend Judy. It is still sprinkling outside, and I am standing at the door wondering if I should go outside to continue my conversation so Jade isnt hugging on my leg. I stand there, putting out my hand to open the door and then I see this white flash of light. I couldnt even see out the window of the door! I was in shock as the pop sounded throughout the house, lights go off. Hubby is still at school, my phone ended the call I was on, and Jade is screaming hanging on to my side. After realizing lightning hit either the house or close to it, I was shaking. I called Lisa’s husband (only person I thought in my head to call, since he was at the station). As I was waiting I called my friend to let her know I was okay that I just didnt have power. Shane got there to make sure nothing was smoking, which nothing was THANK GOD! but it did hit our transformer and it was getting so hot in the house. Hubby finally got home 45mins later. Now Im spending some time with Lisa on her birthday 😉

So thats my bad folks! WAAAAHHHHLA!

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  1. Hey, you might not know it now, but there’s the possibility she can milk that excuse of being scared of the vacuum and never have to do floors! 🙂 Just saying…

    • ROFL!! Ikr. I did however put her “cookie” on the vacuum and told her to get it, I know mean, but we even started putting it in front of refrig so she can get use to it. She has came a long way and will even touch it now. She wont push it or move it though, but baby steps. I just hate seeing her so terrified of something that wont do anything to her 😦

  1. As my World Turns | Kids say :

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