Its that Day

  I remember my step dad very well. He would take us fishing. He did tell me one time that talking would scare the fish away, every since I don’t talk a lot when I’m fishing. I now have a lot of patience when it comes to fishing, if I don’t have Jade with me.
We would also load up in his truck and go for a ride. It was usually over the mountain, or to spin around in snow. He loved his trucks, and his car, even though it sat in the yard. It was an ’85 Mustang Cobra. He loved that car, he would even cut the grass around it, ha! When we would go riding he would always make me laugh by showing me how a horse eats corn, or he would sing to the rock classics that played through the speakers.
If I fell asleep in the car/truck he would pick me up and take me in the house. I was usually knocked out, and wouldn’t remember, but I would always know he done it. Nothing like your daddy to wrap his arms around you. You feel so protected, and loved, you feel safe and secure.

Now I don’t have that “daddy” figure anymore. More about my (ex) step dad here.

Since I don’t have a dad to say Happy Fathers Day to, I do have my husband, my pawpaw and my mom. I can always wish them a Happy Father’s Day. These 3 have never left me hanging dry, and they have been close when I really needed them most and for that I will thank them.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men, single moms, and to all the grand-dads! I hope your Father’s Day is a fantastic one! You all deserve it.

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  1. I don’t have a father anymore to wish a “Happy Father’s Day” to either. Mine passed away back in 2004. Moments like that I suppose it’s just best to focus on the good memories that you have of them, and let yourself find a little peace in that.

    • That’s all I do. I could say how bad or awful my step-dad was, but I wont. I want to remember the good times, not the bad. Everything happens for a reason, rather its because we chose it, or because something happens out of our hands. Just find your peace about it, so you don’t feel so “alone or overwhelmed” in emotions.

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