Mind Swings

My PostADay from The Daily Post.

I change my mind all the time. It really depends on what I am thinking about. I call it “Mind Swings; They are often like Mood Swings”

This morning I woke up. I thought if I do clothes now, they will be done and this afternoon I can fold them and put them up. I than went to the living room grab my book Black Rose by Nora Roberts. I sat in my bed and read 2 more chapters before getting back out of my bed to fix my little kiddo some breakfast. (Clothes are still sitting in the basket, maybe I will start on them in a bit. Heck it is only 2 loads, ha!)

I am still debating, in my brain of mine, if I need to go outside and lay out, even though I am still a light shade of pink from 2 days ago. I am sure I will probably end up out there at some point this afternoon, when Jade is taking her peaceful nap.

If I never change my mind a million times a day, than something is wrong, lol. I am not kidding, if I don’t change my mind, or topics, or the way I think I am usually in bed with a cold bath cloth on my forehead, blankets up to my chin, and pale as a ghost.

If we never change our mind, than we will all be like robots, just doing things out because we know what to do. If you don’t think of anything “new” than you can’t learn anything “new” about yourself.

So, When was the last time you changed your mind?

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  1. You know it took me about 2 days to figure out “who” this was, ROFL!! I know I should be a blond (no offense to my stalkers, LOL)
    I change my mind all the time. I guess my husband can influence, but usually it is all on my own.

  2. Oh I change it everytime my wife says I’m wrong about something, which is usually 2-3 x’s a day if not more.


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