President, What!?

I personally don’t think I would be good in politics anyways. I don’t care anything about politics, much less being a President, King, or Prime-minister.

I also believe our government is truly messed up anyway! They did that all on their own, without my help, thank gosh! I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I stepped through the door at the “office”.

I, however, do believe that people on Welfare, food stamps, and any other government help should have to take drug tests. I don’t believe in people who have babies, just to get money. I also don’t believe in people totally living off the government if they are perfectly normal!

Another thing is custody battles. I don’t believe that a child should just automatically go to the mom. I believe there should be investigations done to see where the child should be placed during custody. A child should have love, toys, a clean environment, their own space, and it should totally rest on the well-being on the child. It shouldn’t be strictly an one way street! Sometimes the dad in the child’s life, might be best for the child!

As I was looking through some of my friends on Facebook I have noticed that they had problems with the government due to the “No Child Left Behind“. My opinion is that if a child is not where he/she should be during that school year, than why not hold him/her back to get the best out of the child? Why just keep moving the child forward through school, how will this help the child in the future? If they are reading on a 4th grade level, why move them into a 6th grade reading class? How does that make sense? So, again, think what is “best” for the child, not what is “best” for the school!

I wouldn’t know where to begin with government policies, so please don’t bully my post, into what you think or what you think I should think. I am just politely stating my opinions, ha!

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  1. From what I heard in one of my education classes last semester, No Child Left Behind is about to expire or has expired (I’m sure I could look it up and tell you for sure, but I’m being lazy). Anyway, I don’t know if they have something new or if they’re working on something or what. Sadly, I’m sure it won’t be much better. Politics can be such a mess.

    • I know right. My daughter starts school next year, so I am sure I am going to get updates what is going on. It is just sad because it is the kids who will missing the education of things. They have to learn it, if they don’t learn it, then how can they possibly just move on? I just hope they figure something out.

  2. Interesting points, and I am firm believer in if the kid doesn’t deserve to pass, hold em’ back……they showed me no mercy, kids today have it so easy.

    • Yeah, I am afraid I am witnessing this too. We didn’t have it this easy going through school, even 7 years ago! Which also, we didn’t stay “indoors” to play either.

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