★ Blog Love ★

I have to send a shout-out to Life’s Little Slices! Thank you for sending me the Blog McLovin! You are really so nice, kind, and the best! Again, Thank you!!
Also, Thanks for I Swear! We’re not crazy for sending some blog love!

1.  Thank the person who nominated you
Clears throat~ Thanks, hugs, small squeezes for sending this to me. So thoughtful of you Life’s Little Slices & I Swear! We’re not crazy.

2.  Share seven random facts about yourself
I am a dork, give or take some “duh” moments.
I have tripped going up the stairs at my moms.
I dance in the kitchen in a t-shirt when no one is home.
If someone comes up unexpected I have to run to put on pants.
I don’t like commercials on the radio, I will turn the channel.
Sometimes I worry too much. Rather it is my child not waking up, or hubby getting in a wreck on his way home.
I believe you need treat others how you would like to be treated.

3. Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.
A Life Uncommon
The Bad Housewife’s Blog
Maggie Mae’s Days
Make Believe Till Nothing’s Real
Mr T’s Jibba Jabba
My Blogject
My Inner Muse
My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours
Well That’s Awkward
You’ve Been Hooked!

Here is a list close enough to 15, ha!
4. Contact those bloggers to congratulate them.
Thanks for everyone of yall! You guys can make me laugh, find encouragement, inspire me to be better, and just make my day full of ideas.

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  1. Thank you for the love!!!


  2. Congrats!!!! And thanks for the blog love, not sure I deserve it, but thank you…..I think I can do 15 bloggers…..hope heh.


  3. Congrats and thanks for the Blog Love!


  4. Holly

     /  June 23, 2011

    Am I right thinking you’re passing this along to me? Wow, thank you – so kind!!


  5. ❤ Thanks for that! Now off to find my favorite "15" to pass on the Lovin'. How Fun!



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