Chicken Problems

Hubby has chickens… (looks around) I think it fits with the “we are in the country and have a zoo

Today, I woke up to the chickens laying ON my flowers! You know my project of doing flower beds, and now the chickens are making my flowers their bed, sigh. I got the water hose and watered my flowers, so maybe now they wont lay in mud, could chickens not like water?


Hubby decides it is a good idea to let the chickens roam free, which I think it is good too since the coop he built (nothing pretty) is too little for them now, who would have thought? When we was getting chickens I thought they would have a pretty coop like this…

From Google

Instead we have this…

I just wish that it was something that they could get in, and if we ever move it wouldn’t be an eye sore. It will be something that I would enjoy and it will fit into making the yard unique and pretty. Sorry Hubby, don’t mean to POP your bubble. Please don’t give me the eye, lol!

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  1. We had chickens when I was young and my mom tended to them..They were a lot of work and noisy… yet adorable. πŸ˜‰
    It’s been a hectic week and I’m now catching up with everyone.
    Happy July 4th weekend to you! πŸ™‚


  2. I remember my uncle having a small barn that was a chicken coup and housed the cow. I remember the hens pecking at me as I reached in to check on the eggs. And, at 7 years old, I could not milk the cow. The poor cow kept eyeballin’ me as a squeezed the udder and pulled and just couldn’t get the darn thing to work! Once the cow stomped her back foot, and my cousin said “don’t get kicked” I was done! Dumb, stupid, cows and chickens! πŸ™‚

    Lake Forest, CA USA


    • ROFL!!! You so made me laugh! Yes I feel that way (well almost). Our chickens come up to us and they will follow you around the yard, but ugh!! They are looking more like dinner if they don’t stay out of my flowers, lol! It is so good to hear about Donna and you meeting, ahh it is such a happy event. I can’t wait for you to post more about your journey.


  3. looks like chickens and plants don’t go together. hope you’ll find a bigger home for your chickens so they stop bothering you plants.


    • I had to run them off 3x within an hour, finally just put my shoes on and stayed out there for awhile. I hope we can figure something out so they can just roam freely. They didn’t lay in my flowers after I watered them though πŸ˜‰ That might be the secret


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