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Google Image 30 days of Truth is about bringing out the best in yourself. Also, to let people see the “real” you through what you write. For thirty days I will write about myself, I will dig deep and I hope you can start this journey with me. 30 days of Truth; Are you ready!?

Day 05
– Something you hope to do in your life

  1. See my life unfold before my eyes, everything I want, or need to be right at my fingers tips.
  2. One day I can overcome the fear of speaking my mind, with some people.
  3. Continue setting my goals, and completing them.
  4. Complete some my bucket list, or all.
  5. My friends to be able to see the good in me, even when I have a bad day.
  6. Continue loving and trusting people, even though I have been through so much.
  7. Can get myself back to 120 pounds.
  8. Invite my friends over for cookouts, and gatherings.
  9. Being the best mom I can be.
  10. Be the best wife and mom

I could be here for days trying to complete something I hope to do in my life, but we all know the basics now. I hope you can figure out what you want to do in your life. We only have 1 life to live, and I hope you are enjoying your life to the fullest.

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  1. I wanna be a “Mom”


    • It is a fabulous thing 🙂 Even when they are acting bad.. They somehow make a face or come running to you with a hug and i love yous 🙂


  2. 120 lbs? 120 is just a number, hon. A number is of no consequence to a person when it comes to age or weight. It only has the power you give it. Strive instead to find a weight comfortable to you without stepping on a scale. You’ll know when you find it, because you’ll be able to put on a nice outfit and be pleased with how you look in it, regardless of the number on the scale. I’ve given up on numbers. I know my problem area’s–I’m gaining in the tummy and losing my behind that used to be perky, perky, perky–and numbers lie, because mine says I weigh little more than I did before. Maybe not, but its distributing differently. You’re beautiful just the way you are. Now cut yourself some slack, dammit!


    • ROFL yes Mama. 120 will get me out of the obese zone though. I havent stepped on a scale since the first of June when I went to the dr, so I don’t really look at numbers. I just keep loosing to make myself feel better. 125 is where my dr said I need to be, but my goal is to get out of the obese zone and get under 150. 🙂


  3. Keep your eye on the targets…you’ll make it.

    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine


  4. I love that continuing to set goals is one of your goals! I always feel like people forget that need to continue evolving!


  5. Great goals! Good luck, young lady.


  6. Here’s one thing I hope for my life: that my boys will enjoy spending time with me as much as I enjoy spending time with my parents. That I can build them up and guide them into adulthood so they can do the same for their kids.



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