Six Word Saturday

Oh man, is it Monday yet?

We are getting some furniture tomorrow, and I just cant find my inner-self to clean. I just want to lay around all day. It seems little Jade has some allergies going on today. She hasn’t stopped sneezing for the past 3 hours. I need to find some energy, and coffee is calling my name. (I can’t wait for Monday because hubby will be home 🙂 Swing shift, sometimes, can kick you in the butt)

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  1. LOL who looks forward to Monday?

    • Apparently only me :-/ Monday is like our Friday when hubby is off LOL! He is on swing shift, so he only has every other weekend off lol

  2. callmecate

     /  July 11, 2011

    Allergies are so tough. I hope Jade is feeling better by now. And I hope you found the energy to get the things done that you needed to be completed.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

    • I found my energy button and Jade is catching the croup 😦 It isn’t full blown yet, but I am sure she will get better in time. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such wonderful words 🙂

  3. I was doing ‘nothing’ this weekend due to limited energy, but we all know nothing for a mother is still lots of everything.

    Hope Monday comes around real soon for you

    P.S My hubby works ‘dumb shifts’ as well so I can sympathise

    • That’s true. A SAHM is always doing something, rather she is “lazy” or not 😀
      Dumb Shifts, are just dumb, right? and so confusing.

  4. What a cowinkydinky…My chore list this weekend has me longing for Monday, too!

    Not playing the 6’s this week, but enjoyed reading yours!

    • Nice to see ya Ron 🙂 Maybe we can skip tomorrow? 🙂 Hope you have a nice weekend, even if your busy.

  5. Everyday is like the next since we are retired! (:>)
    Hope your Jade stops sneezing soon. I have allergies and can relate!
    Yay on the new furniture…Boo on the cleaning! (smile)

    Happy Saturday!


  6. Thanks for sharing…
    hope Jade feels better soon
    and you find the energy to do your cleaning.
    I in the same spot except it is a walk thru for a reverse mortgage assessment some day next week. Sigh. Maybe like I am expecting, when the day is over, the furniture is in place, you will be energized because it is over and done with and you can get on with normal irritants of life !
    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine

    • I just think I found my lazy self, lol! But I did eat a banana and something for lunch and feeling a little better. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Siggi!

  7. I’m actually looking forward to Monday too! 🙂 I get another ultrasound then! 🙂 Hope your Monday gets here fast! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

    • Ultrasounds are always fun! Just for that I think you need to skip tomorrow to and jump right into Monday 😉 I hope all goes well on your visit!!

  8. Yeah, first time I have heard of someone looking forward to Monday. I need to clean too ugh~ May have to ask Susan to come here to help. I could use some of those cleaning fairies!

    • Totally made me laugh. I think I just need a hot pot of coffee. 🙂 Hope you find some “umph” to clean too. I could share my coffee if ya want 😉

  9. i feel your tiredness. Wish I could come help you clean – I know, I will send the cleaning fairies to your house! Enjoy your new furniture!

  10. First person I ever heard of who looked forward to a Monday 🙂

    Hope Jade feels better soon.


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