Scenario – Best friend in Car Wreck

Google Image 30 days of Truth is about bringing out the best in yourself. Also, to let people see the “real” you through what you write. For thirty days I will write about myself, I will dig deep and I hope you can start this journey with me. 30 days of Truth; Are you ready!?

Day 21 – (scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

So, you know we have “best” friends that are there for more than others, is this friend my very best friend? What was the fight about? These are the questions I ask myself when I read this question.

1) If this wasn’t really my best friend and the argument was about, let’s just say, her cheating behind my back with my husband, or boyfriend then I wouldn’t no longer care. She hurt me terribly and I wouldn’t know what to do at the time. It would take me time to get over the tragic news she was just arguing with me about. I would let karma do it’s thing, but eventually I might check on her, but it would take time for me to heal first.

2) If it is my best friend then an argument wouldn’t stop me from finding a way to check on her, or go see her. The small things we fuss and fight about, shouldn’t change your friendships with a person. You have to stand up in what you believe in but don’t let it ruin something you have with your friend. Best friends are hard to come by and nothing should stop you to be there for them.

Truth be known if it was my best friend then holding grudges wouldn’t be my option. Things happen for a reason and just maybe this is the reason for me to prove what kind of friend I am to them.

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