Drama at the RailRoad Crossing

So, we was heading to my mom’s house. (This was when we had all the bad weather, a week or so ago). Anyway, we loaded all us up in the car and we get to traveling down the road. We come to the railroad crossing and the gates where down, the lights were blinking and the signals were flashing. Jade starts yelling for the train… This is how it went down.

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Savoy cuts the radio off, rolls all the windows down, he looks right; he looks left.
We don’t hear a train, nor see one. We wait for about 5 minutes and he is thinking about going around the gates.
Meantime while we are “listening” Jade is smiling and yelling “Train, WHERE ARE CHUUUU?”
Me: Jade, I don’t think the train is coming.
Jade: No, mommy you hush!
Me: Savoy, what you going to do sit here?
Savoy: No! I am going around.
Savoy starts to zigzag through the gates.

Savoy was watching Jade in the rear-view mirror. She was throwing her arms, and pointing her finger. She knew her Daddy didn’t make the right choice at all!
Jade: You Do Not Turn! No NO NO You go STRAIGHT!

Jade kept this up all the way to my moms which is about another 5 minutes or so from the RR Tracks. As soon as Jade got out of the car into her Nana’s arms, she was telling on her Daddy.

Needless to say, our 3-year-old tries to teach us thing. That is never zigzag through the railroad gates, you must wait patiently (even if you are under a tornado warning) haha!
I love my little girl! She is just too smart.

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  1. She has a great teacher, right?


  2. laci512

     /  September 13, 2011

    That is too funny!

    Zig zagging is dangerous, but I do have to admit that I have done it my fair share of times. The little town I grew up in was in the middle of nowhere (seriously, one way in one way out) and the arms would occasionally get stuck down or up and you would have to zig zag through them until the railroad people came to fix them.


    • Yeah, same here. Small town. If you turned around it would take you 10miles out of the way and still you would have to cross the train tracks lol πŸ™‚


  3. OMG, I don’t care what kind of hurry you’re in, zig-zagging through a railroad stop is INSANE! We have a stop near us where on at least three separate occasions people have DIED doing the exact same thing, and it didn’t just kill the drivers, but, sometimes people on the train were hurt too. So, whew…you guys got off lucky. Listen to that little cutie in the backseat next time, she’s smarter than she seems! πŸ™‚


    • Where we were you can see about a mile each way. There was no train, we think the signals got stuck due the weather we was having and the rain. But yeah, she didnt let us off easy to say the least.


  4. very cute! Very cute indeed.



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