Thankful Thursday

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My Thankfuls for this week…

Cell Phone
Being able to Walk
Sleep or lack there of
My dog came back home after 26 hours of adventures
Jade has realized what “Gone” means
Free Books
Friends in High and Low places
Thunderstorms with no lightning
Highway long yard sales that is this coming weekend

What are your thankfuls for this week?

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.Oprah Winfrey

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  1. I’m thankful for the gift of life. 🙂
    Finally catching up again… where did the time go? Phew! 🙂

  2. I love free books! 😀

  3. I have to say I like lightening with thunderstorms. My main thanks is to get my daughter safely homefrom her horrible job

    • Yes. I would say getting daughter home would be on the thankful list. Hope her trip back home is a safe one.
      Lightning around here strikes down straight in our yard. It’s not like heat lightning 😦 Our power has went out a lot of time with it being so close.

  4. Boy-joyful and the JOY of the game, soccer

    Husband-traveling’s 8am phone calls to say good morning to wife [and ] son

    The building of friendship over YAHTZEE on a Thursday evening

    The rattle of timber rattlers from a distance that is

    Tumor Lysis Syndrome and the LORD’s ability to enable a friend to withstand it

    The privilege of praying [and] the encouragement of His responses

    The WORD [of] God who IS God, FULL of GLORY [and] GRACE, mindful of me

  5. morning walks with other moms and kids. it’s a great way to start off the day.
    Bible studies with great ladies from my church.
    the last few warm and sunny days to play in the backyard
    children who do their homework when asked… oh wait, that’s from the wish list 🙂

    • Morning walks sounds wonderful!
      I am hoping to get into our bible study more at Church soon. 🙂
      Thank You for your list, it really brought a smile to my day.

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