A Lost Friend

As most of you probably have noticed I have stepped away from my blog, not really pulled away from it as you see I am still here. This post will let you in on a little of why, then after You read this, you will just have to wait for the Six Word Saturday to understand the rest of it, haha.  So look out for that post, as it should follow this one, shortly.

I recently had/have a friend that pulled away from me. It seems she is going through a rough patch in life, but I don’t really know why she pulled away. Maybe it was the change of my recent blog or the more “God” thing to it. I don’t know why she pulled away, I really don’t. I think why I am so emotional over it, was because of the straight cut she made with it. Talking one day, then barely speaking to me, which I am sure if you have friends and one just stopped calling, you would ask these same questions.

I really don’t like it when people push me away without knowing why. I would like the answers to and, how, when, if, but, or however would make it a lot easier for me. I know I am supposed to let God control everything, but in this world I am still human. She is still my friend. She is still a person I talk/talked to everyday about everything till recently. When I say recently I mean like just in August we was talking; everyday. She was what made my day better. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. This is just a type of friend I am.

Anyway, I know she still cares about me because she contacted me over the weekend just to make sure I was okay. I guess we will eventually know where this leads, but right now I am just giving her space, as well as myself.

When she pulled away from me, it really made me wonder why I pulled so close to her and not anyone else. Why is it I have friends who are 10-50 minutes from me and I don’t reach out them. This weekend was a wake up call, and not just about her, but about myself and who I am.

Things I miss…
Ability to say random things just to make me laugh
The darkness flew away when I talked to her, it was like having some sunshine in my pocket. (even if it was 5 minutes or an hour)
Hot Chocolate Mugs she sent me in the mail. They stare at me from the cabinet haha!! jkk!!

How would it make you feel if your friend pulled away from you? Would you run after them? Or would you simply just let them slip away? Would you think if they pulled away from you one time, they would do it again?

“Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends.” – Mary Catherwood
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  1. “Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends.” – Mary Catherwood

  2. Ce la vie Jenna! You’re not alone.

  3. I wish I could make you feel better, young lady. Check out my Book of Terrible blog and maybe, just maybe, you’ll smile – a little!

  4. Touching post Jenna…the same has happened to me many times and sure it can really hurt; we wonder what we did wrong but I feel it wont be long before she misses you and comes back ….and trust me, God willing the bond will be stronger than ever. One thing I have learned over the years is that let time heal the wounds that are not self inflicted and soon enough you will know why this happened… 😉
    PS: If you love something set it free,if it comes back it is urs to keep!
    Take care, God bless,
    Sparky laurie

  5. That’s tough. I’ve had a lot of friends drift away after high school and university, but that’s to be expected. I am now off to read Six Word Saturday to find out more.

    • Yeah, it sucks when friends drift, but only time will tell why. Usually it is because they are only here for a certain time, or maybe they where around when you needed them 😀 Thank you for stopping by to read and comment.

  6. You will know what to do. I will keep you and your friend in my prayers. Our friends are so important to us!

  7. laci512

     /  September 25, 2011

    I hope that you are able to be at peace during this rough time. You are doing the right thing by allowing your friend the space that she may need. Sounds like you are a wonderful friend. I hope everything works out if both you and your friend.

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