My Miracle

You know I believe in miracles. I see a miracle every time I wake up in the morning, every time I fall asleep. I play with a miracle everyday. God showed me what a “miracle” was when he brought Jade into my life. She wasn’t a preemie baby, she was only 4 days early. She was in NICU for 9 days, when she was born and for 5 of those 9 days they didn’t know if she would make it “out of the woods”. When I was in the hospital I didn’t know what exactly they meant, but as I look at it now it meant “she could die, or she could be transferred to Atlanta” and here I am today grinning ear to ear as I watch her grow before me. I love her laugh, her smile, she can light up any bad day of mine. I believe in miracles, and I know God will deliver you with a miracle and I hope your eyes are open to see what God has done for you and you know, I wouldn’t change my miracle any time or any day. I love my little Jade β™₯


If I could tell you how much I love you I would have to send you to the moon so you could look down at the world. I wish I could give you all the stars in the sky or bring you the moon so you can catch it. You lighten up my world even when you don’t think you do.
I know we have bad days, but I wouldn’t change them either, because well we are both learning. I am learning as a parent, what I am suppose to do, how I am suppose to raise you. You didn’t come with instructions you know, and well if you did I probably wouldn’t read them any how.
When you came into the world I was a nervous wreck, well really, I was just “here” with nurses surrounding me just like they were surrounding you. I really didn’t have time to think at the hospital, but one thing I know is that if it wasn’t for your NICU nurses than when I got home I would have been calling Aunt Lisa a whole lot more. The nurses taught me everything to do for you. They showed me how to change your diaper, how to dress you, hold you, everything. I thank them all the time, even now (4 years later) haha!
Your smile, laugh, the way you run around, dance in the livingroom, sing to songs just light me up inside. You make me so proud, not just because you are my daughter but because you have taught me that I should never take tomorrow for granted.
The one thing I wish I could do and that would be for you to meet your MawMaw. Mawmaw was wonderful. She always gave me such tight hugs, loved me all the time, even when I ran to her house because I was mad at my mom. I know she would have loved you Jade. I know she would have done anything and everything for you. She was an amazing woman, strong, and caring. I know you probably have meet her on the other side before you was brought here. I just wish I could see her face light up if she could hug you. She would have treated you like her own kid, just like she did me. Maybe one day we both can see her again.
I know this letter was suppose to be about you, and well it is. I am just rambling on about what I think, or what I would like to say to you, but right now you wouldn’t know what it meant really, but I know one day you will read this and you will understand it all.
I love you Jade, more than words could ever explain.
With Love,
Your Mum (as you say)

and you know. All the stuff we went through with you when I was pregnant, in the hospital, all of it.. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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  1. Just Rambling

     /  January 22, 2012

    Just…. beautiful.


  2. This is very sweet and I’m sure Jade loves you too…


  3. Beautiful work.


  4. Beautiful! xxx


  5. My son was a month early and it was scary. They told us that he might not be strong enough to breath on his own and prepared us for the worse. It is was a scary time for me as a mom. I look at both of my kids and feel so blessed that God gifted me with both of them!


    • Absolutely. Nothing is as scary as never knowing what will happen. God does give us miracles, we just have to believe in them.


  6. How sweet! She’ll love it now, but, she’ll really love reading that when she’s an adult. Every little girl should be so lucky to have a letter like that from their Mum! πŸ™‚


  7. This is a wonderful letter to Jade. I’m sure she will treasure the words you wrote so tenderheartedly … thank you for sharing this.
    Peace and love,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


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