Invest In Someone

I look through this book that sits on my desk every once in awhile, just wondering what it says for today.

Joyce Meyer
Starting Your Day RightDevotions

January 25

The wicked borrow and pay not again [for they may be unable], but the [uncompromisingly] righteous deal kindly and give [for they are able].
– Psalm 17:21

Take chances today and invest in someone else’s life, especially if God tells you to do so. You may give them something of value only to learn they waste it as they have always done in the past. But remember that God made an investment in you, and He wants you to be willing to an investment in somebody else.
Jesus died to give everybody a chance. Not everyone takes advantage of His provision, but we all have an equal opportunity to enjoy the abundant of life. If you help someone, and they end up not doing what is right with it, that is between them and God. Give thanks that you are able to give, and then do whatever God tells you to do.

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  1. Beautiful words…
    Thank you.

  2. I love your header!

    I’m trying to teach my kids to make a “positive impact” on people each day. Were you an ecourager? Did you smile and say good morning? If someone tried hard to get an answer right or kick the ball hard in kickball, did you say

    “Good try. You’ll get it next time?”

    My son (8 years) likes to make fun of his sister (6 years) when we are playing a game and she doesn’t make a good choice or doesn’t draw/roll a good number, he started to make fun of her…or say aehhh, haaa (mockery laughter) and finally I told him “Be can enourager. No one likes a winner that gloats. You can be happy you won, but be a gracious winner. Tell your opponent “Good job. Or, wow, I can’t believe I won, you were tough. I got lucky.” Also, be a gracious looser. Congratualte the winner and say “I’ll get ya next time!”

    Only we have control over our own behavior. How do we impact other’s daily? I think my kids are starting to understand. (well, my son…my daughter has a long way to go…)

    Lake Forest, CA

    • Totally agree.
      My husband use to gloat when we would play cards together, because he would always win. I told him that he should start showing me how instead of beating me at something he is good at.
      Now I am almost as good as he is 😉 So, encouraging, and helping one another is a lot more fun than “gloating” on and on about it.

      I am sure I will have to teach Jade the same thing. She is only 4 yrs old right now, but I would like to teach her about encouraging not just others, but yourself.

      Thanks for sharing Sandi 🙂

  3. Remember what Paul said about giving too: give only what you are ABLE and not begrudgingly that you maybe blessed of God. I think I left out some words but I know I have the meaning. Blessings girl!!

    • Absolutely. I also look at this, as not just investing money, but investing time.. thoughts, anything to help someone else. 🙂 I hope you are doing wonderful Shonnie 🙂

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