Without Grumbling

I am often wanting to have gatherings with friends/family, rather if it is just popcorn, a movie, grilling hot dogs, or etc. I love sitting around talking, hearing laughter of kids as they play, and the chatter of adults talking about their interests, or other topics.

The only time I really see my family is on holidays and I rarely see my friends. Which it’s not all my fault, it is hard if you only have 1 car and your husband works and goes to school (which could be used as an excuse, see I’m not perfect). Why is it we are in a time that we don’t have enough time for people we love?

We often find excuses (as mine above), or something happening constantly that we just fall into a routine of “maybe tomorrow”.

1 Peter 4:9 “Offer Hospitality to one another without grumbling”

We don’t want others in our house, because we don’t feel as our house is clean enough (I’m really to blame on this one). Truth be known is that your company will not be coming in to see if you have dusted this week. If they are that judgmental, then they need the gift of love and hospitality more than yourself.
– How often has this happened to you? or how often do you think your house isn’t clean enough? Do you really think your friends/family is that judgmental of you or your belongings?

One thing I am willing to learn is worry less about my house and be more about hospitality. Hospitality is about people, not about my surroundings. It is about showing love and showing you care to others. It is about opening your door, not just to family or friends but to even your neighbor. Love Thy Neighbor has yourself, remember? and it doesn’t say Love Thy Christian Neighbor.. it says every neighbor!

I have always been big with wanting to be around people – friends/family/strangers. I would love to plan get togethers, wanting to spend time with whomever was willing to show up. My husband isn’t so much about gatherings as I am, but I have respected that, but he is finally coming to sense of knowing we need friends and willingness to show love for others.

Matthew 25:35 “Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ, for He is going to say, I came as a guest, and you received Me.”

Hebrews 13:2 “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”

Whether we entertain friends/family or even strangers, we are told that the Lord is in our midst. What company to keep.

When you entertain, you bring honor and glory to yourself. Showing hospitality brings honor and glory to God.

Do you entertain or show hospitality?


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  1. I think we have to work on being open with good boundaries. At one time I was so open that I wore myself out. There is a good balance to be had here …. we must make time for the people who and what is important to us … it won’t just happen. 🙂


    • So true! Now a days too we have to watch how “open” we are. Great point Shonnie. I think sometimes we get caught up on the now and we need to learn how to schedule.
      Nothing happens by itself, sometimes I wished it did lol


  2. I’m finding that Babe and I are having guests over more and more these days. We like having the occasional game night (we looove Cranium!), and we call friends over to celebrate special days with us. Birthdays, anniversaries, feel-like-cooking-a-huge-meal days, etc. We have a friend that doesn’t have much family and works a lot, so we make an extra effort to invite her over for dinner. It’s actually quite nice. And yes, we do extra cleaning of the living room, because we really do LIVE in it… Blankies, nooks, books, computer… We clear it up to make it comfier, but it’s no trouble. 15 minutes of clearing up and a little sweep+mop is worth a few hours of good company. 🙂


    • Oh game night sounds awesome!!! Will totally have to put that in the To-Dos. I am learning how to “quick clean the house” for company. I am such a deep cleaner when I hear someone is coming over, but I’m learning.


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