Book of Life

In the book of life, we are often dealt with cards that seem to be unreal or never thought about being possible. We often think about “Why” this would happen to me, or why “now”, but what I have learned in the book of life is…

Life throws us curve balls, it is up to us, as a person to either take it and learn from it, or to let it drown us in the pity and self-doubt.

Why constantly let life be about depression, or the “whys”?

Do you want to live life always being depressed? or do you want to show people how much stronger you are?


If you choose to be sad, mad, depressed, or anything else… that is on you.

We all need to learn to trust people to talk to, we all have bad days, or even years, but we always need someone to have an ear.

I have personally have been through so much this year alone, that you would think I would be depressed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have my bad days. I have those days that when I need a friend, I find one.

I have taught myself to speak up about my emotions, to let someone in when I need them to hear, rather if it is a friend, or family, or whatever helps. I have learned that speaking about it, helps me, it clears my mind from over-thinking and it gives me a sense of knowing I am NOT alone.

Not only am I going through a hard time, but I have a friend who has recently fell back into old ways, old ways that I personally don’t know how to deal with, and usually I can handle anything. Usually I know how to show support, and encourage them, but right now I am numb. I feel as though as I failed as a friend, I feel as though I wasn’t there enough for them, which sucks, because I have been through so much this month that I have a lot going on already that now I have something else to add to it, and the one time I needed them I can no longer talk to them, because I think I will be adding more emotional baggage to them, when they have already went back to things they hate doing.

In this last Month…
1) Car is in the Shop
2) Pawpaw’s back surgery
3) Brayden is in the hospital
4) Pawpaw’s not doing rehab
5) Nurses are rude
6) Pawpaw has blood clots in his lungs
7) Jade’s severe allergic reaction
8) Pawpaw’s going to a nursing home (3-4 months)
9) Tumor in Pawpaw’s bladder
10) Taking Jade to Doctor
11) Brayden is still in the hospital (3 weeks)
12) No Extra Money
13) Friend is falling back into old ways

I know all this is in God’s hands, but this is a lot for anyone to go through emotionally. I call everyone to get updates, I think about them often, I pray for them as much as I can. I am starting back exercising (when the going gets tough, take it out on the Elliptical machine, right?) So, another thing to add to my list is not being able to fit into any of my clothes. I have gained back probably 15-20 pounds, and that in itself is hard to take, but only one person can change that and that is ME!

So, my point is… You are in Charge! You can CHANGE and You will get Through, This will make you STRONGER.

Good things that has happened…

Jade gets to start school in SEPTEMBER!!! Brayden is a TROOPER! and my Pawpaw is making jokes and LAUGHING!
Through all bad times, you will find the good, you just got to dig a little deeper.

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  1. Just like the sign above my stove…”Life is what you make it..Always have boon, Always will be.” I love you Jenna. ALL things work out for good to those who trust in the Lord. That’s my rock. Without that rock, I’d just be sinking in the mud.


    • I know and I know everything is in God’s plans, and I just have to Trust. I love you too. Thank you Lisa ❤ You're the Best – Truly


  1. Update on Brayden | Life's Little Slices

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