Nut Allergies with Vegetarian

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As most of you know my daughter tested positive for walnut allergy. We are a normal family that even grabs fast food when the mood strikes, which here lately has not been a lot. We took Jade yesterday for another check-up and the doctor told us “No nuts at all.” I even asked for additional nut tests and he tells us “there’s no sense in it”. Come on, right!? Wouldn’t any mom want to know if their child is allergic to other nuts? So, I think I will another opinion, but I think the answer will be the same, but I feel as though I should know…

After we get home I start doing research about nut allergies and found out that General Mills cereal contains Peanut flour; Chic-Fil-A uses Peanut Oil, and that we will have to read all labels.. not just for Ice Cream, but even bread and other vast of things.. crackers, canned vegetables, frozen vegetables, fruit bars, granola bars, all kinda of cereal.. The doctor told us it would actually be better to just do homemade meals, because really we never know what they put in their stuff, or if they just did a wash down after nuts. With wash downs, I found out, that they usually don’t get everything and you will then have a cross contamination of nuts. We have to find business who have nuts on a whole other process line or machine. I hope this makes sense to you, LOL

We also have learned that peanuts are a bean, but they are packaged with other nuts, so therefore e would have cross contamination with that also. Crazy right?! So, now back to basic cooking and homemade style – which in reality tastes better anyway. The next step is getting Jade into Pre-K and well aware of her nut allergy, before school starts in a few months.

On top of the nut allergy we think Jade is going to be a vegetarian. We will be getting blood work done to check her vitamin levels for B12, and her protein. Busy 2012 for us, but at least things will get better from here.

Here is a little snip from last night….

We were in the car to go grab a pizza from Papa Johns – which is a nut free business, Jade is in the backseat and Savoy and I are just having normal conversation about Jade.
Savoy and I were talking about the chickens and eggs.. in general, our chickens should be laying eggs soon, and yada yada then…
Jade: “Don’t eat Chicken, the eggs hatch! Don’t eat my friends.. Eat Fries!”

Savoy and I laughed all the way to Bremen. I looked at Savoys and said, “Well, I guess that answers that question”

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