Thrill Rides over the Weekend

This weekend has been amazing. We went to Six Flags over Georgia this past Saturday. There was 9 of us who went. Hubby rounded up tickets so he could bring his family, and I brought my childhood friend Justin. So there was Aunt Virginia, Uncle Roy, Lisa, Ariel, Brayden, Justin,  Jade, Savoy, and I. As most of you probably remember Brayden was in the hospital in Atlanta for a month, so we wanted them to go out and enjoy some time, to play. It was Brayden and Ariel’s first time going, and it was Lisa’s birthday. Happy Birthday Lisa!

Left to right – Jade, Savoy, Me, Ariel, Lisa, Brayden, Uncle Roy, Aunt Virgina

We rode Dare Devil Dive, it has a 10 story vertical lift, then a vertical drop. Justin, Savoy, I rode this first (the first time ever riding it), we couldn’t talk anyone else into riding it. I have to say it is one of the smoothest rides and so much fun! I will definitely be riding it again. After we left from there we headed off for the kids to play.

Going up the lift hill

First stop Monster Mansion, which is a water boat ride through an old house. Needless to say Jade didn’t like it the minute we started in the house. The other kids enjoyed it, well till Brayden got through the Marsh, the dark gloomy part of the ride. You pass through fog, and red-eyed creatures. By the end of the ride Jade was crying, poor child. (Even now on Monday, she says “I don’t like the toys, they scare me!”)

One of the Animations on the ride

The Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster, is a small roller coaster in the kiddie land. It goes up a small lift hill, and goes in a figure 8 motion then comes back, not very long, or very big, but still a lot of fun to ride. The kids seemed to liked it, but of course Jade buried her head in her Daddy’s side.. maybe eventually she will enjoy it.

Wikipedia Picture

For a little break Brayden and Jade rode Toro, Toro it is a small bull ride that lifts up about 3 ft off the ground.

Jade and Brayden

We stepped outside for a glimpse of Santa Maria, airborne pirate ship, the ship swings go around in a circle, Savoy and Jade was relaxed on this ride. His legs propped up, and Jade snuggled in by his side. Ariel and Brayden rode together with all smile across their face.

Ariel in Pink, Brayden beside her. Hubby in the brown in the back

Before we headed out to grab a picnic at the car, we stopped by the carrot patch so the kids could run through and knock the carrots into one another.

Jade, Ariel and Brayden are in the back

After we adventured back into the park; Savoy came down with a cluster headache, so we waited to see what the game plan was. He told me and Justin we could go on and ride other things and he would look after Jade. Justin and I headed off to Goliath has the kids got in line for the Log Jamboree, a little log water ride.

Jade says, “I rode in Lisa’s lap”

Justin and I stood in line for an hour to ride Goliath, the big mean machine, it is a huge steel roller coaster that goes up 200 feet, top speed of 70mph. I am extremely scared of heights, but I sucked it up and got on it, because I know it is smooth, and really enjoyable once I rode it.

Wikipedia Picture

We then meet up with the group and headed off to the Go-carts where hubby drove Brayden around the track. Brayden had so much fun, and seeing him laughing and smiling was a nice thing to see. After Brayden got off the Go-Carts we rode the Sky buckets back close to the entrance where we told Lisa, Brayden, Ariel, Uncle Roy and Aunt Virgina bye and we glad they enjoyed it.

Brayden and Savoy

Savoy and Jade went to ride more rides, the Antique cars, the boat, and the Up, Up, Away ride. By the time they got done, they headed to the car to wait on Justin and me, where we went to see the new light show iLuminate at the Crystal Pistol.

I hope we get to go back again. Six Flags is a place where even I can go back and feel like a kid again. Justin and I have been going to Six Flags for as long as I can remember. We would go every Summer, and every Fright Fest that is held in October. I think we have been going to Six Flags since 2001, and now I can bring my husband to join in on the memories and the fun. Fun memories, great times, and a blast of fun!

(Click on the ride names for videos from YouTube. (Not of us but you will get a glimpse of what it was like)

Sunday was my Granny’s Surprise 80th birthday party! My Pawpaw is out of the nursing home for good, and is at home. Granny said that was the best birthday present she received was having her husband back home. We missed going to the party when I woke up Sunday morning with my whole face swollen due to an allergic reaction to hypoallergenic sunblock. However, we did go by last night to see her, and to tell her we would love to them out to eat for their birthday’s. Pawpaw’s was on June 2nd and Granny’s was on the 8th. Happy Birthday Pawpaw and Granny! I wish you many more!!

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  1. lovely. what fun 🙂


  2. how fun! such a cute blog 🙂


  3. Love all the pictures! 🙂


    • Thank ya, I Got em from your Mom 😉 I took my camera but didn’t take one picture! I am horrible at remembering to take pictures. Plus Lisa and Virgina had their cameras and the guys were “ahhhhing” to the be still a sec ROFL


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