Sorry I haven’t written in a while, just a lot of things going on.

I haven’t been blogging due to someone very close to me criticizing everything I wrote, so I stopped for a bit. Everything is okay I should soon will pick back up with my 40 Days of Purpose Challenge. (and if you really want to know what will down, just so you know we don’t speak anymore, and that is that)



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  1. As a kindergarten teacher, I know my #1 role is to teach kindness. I think some grown-ups may need a refresher course.
    By the way Emilie, I like your words of encouragement; they ring true in our daily lives.

  2. Great quote! Its kind of one of those that just sticks with you.

  3. Aw. I’m sorry you’ve been away, and I’m sorry to hear the reason you’ve been away. I’ve been thinking a lot about criticism, and why people lodge it, after a friend told me about some writing criticism that very clearly (from the outside) reflected its giver’s inadequacies. I think that’s at the heart of a lot of it. I hope it won’t keep you away long!

    • Just more hurt I think, especially when you trusted them. But it wont keep away for long. I will be updating shortly, more than likely this weekend. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your encouragement for getting me to come back, means a lot.

  4. Keep pressing forward in your 40 days of purpose. Don’t take your eyes off of God….don’t let satan distract you with drama. Don’t take the bait! If you get criticized. Stop reading comments from said person. That will solve the problem. Keep moving forward in God!!

    • Thanks. I haven’t completely stopped doing it, I have filled up a notebook, I just have to type em up 🙂 I just took a bring from updating my blog LOL and Thanks for the encouragement Emilie. I promise to get everything posted by this weekend 🙂

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