16 Weeks

4 Months!

I know I forgot a week, but forgive this pregnant lady, because she has been sleeping, cleaning house, working on paying off bills, catching people to go out to lunch with, helping DD with homework, rounding up farm animals, and trying to take care of herself.

Fever Blister – Gone!
Headaches – 3 to 4 days outta the week
Eat what I want – I just can’t randomly pick something
Naps – Fatigue is killing me again!
Still having lower back pain – only if sitting for too long
Energy – Nada, Nothing, I just want to sleep
Urination has slowed – I can sleep all night!
No fluttering or baby moving yet. I did feel a slight something last weekend, but nothing since then.
Boobs are getting huge! (Hubs likes this)
Maternity Clothes have been a must for about a month
Sinus are freaking crazy! My allergies have always been bad, but now the wind blows and I sneeze. no joke.
Zumba has went down to 1x a week, I really need to start working out at home… I need energy?? I can’t find it though.
Shedding like a cat
Acid Reflux – only at night when I’m trying to go to sleep

Mexican Food
Sugar Cookies
Sweet Tea
French Fries in Mayo with black pepper
Caffine – I know, it is not good for ya, but omg! It is like magic in your mouth.
Tomato Sandwiches
KFC Mash Potatoes and Gravy
Mac and Cheese

With this being our second child, it is like our first. We are having to buy everything again; furniture, clothes, everything. When we moved 4 years ago to this 2 bedroom 2 bath, we never knew how long we would be here, or when we would have another child. So, most of Jade’s stuff was gave away, sold or disappeared somehow. I do regret it, but now we can have better, and bigger. We did talk to a mortgage broker and once some things are paid off, we can start looking for a house and getting the ball rolling, even though that might mean being 9 months, or having a newborn and moving but I know it can be done, and I have friends who will be willing to help, if needed.

And, again, I have no clue how I forgot week 15, but I guess I have been just so busy. My bad

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