First Year and more with Grayson

I know I kind of left you guys hanging after Grayson was born. So, let me update you.

Grayson was born on April 7th. He is our lucky 7 baby. His delivery was amazing. Not much excitement. I had an epidural. My epidural was trying to wear off when I was around 8cm. Dude, you wanna talk about pain. Dear heavens, I was about to have a come to Jenna meeting right on the spot.

The first 3 months of new life with a newborn was an experience. I remember my daughter was walking around telling people we need to take her brother back to the hospital, he was broken. I didn’t blame her though, even though at the time I was so embarrassed! I didn’t blame her though because he cried for the 3 months straight. I would take him to the doctor, they wouldn’t know what was wrong. I remember one time I took him in and they didn’t even get him out of the car seat. While he was home he would turn blue! Thick mucus, clear stuff, would come out his nose and mouth. You would have to hold him in an angle for it to drain out. I still don’t know what it was. It was the most heartbreaking moment, and it would happen after every bottle. The only thing the doctors would say was acid reflux, but that wasn’t acid reflux. It didn’t have a smell, it was just so thick, and gross. There was a lot of times I would be seconds away from calling 911, but then I would know it would be 20-30 minutes before they would even get to my home. He wouldn’t sleep either, even in a swing. I would have to walk him around and just let him scream. He was only sleeping 30 minutes at a time.

No one knows but I was also going through postpartum depression. I went through it silently. I didn’t tell anyone because I felt like a crazy person. I thought if I told anyone they would want to take my kids away? I don’t know why I thought that, but I did. I remember having to walk outside and just sit in the grass and pick clovers. It was the only thing that cleared my mind, which I was also sleep deprived at the time. It was a hard 3 months, but I made it!

Also, during the 3 months of hardly any rest, I was dealing with a golf ball size fibroid tumor in my uterus. They said a lot of women get them after they have a baby. I didn’t have one after my daughter, and they wouldn’t take it out? I dealt with not being able to walk and pain for 6 weeks before it dissolved. I always thought they went in to remove them, but I dealt and boy, that was so hard!

Yes, the first three months I thought I would have to figure out a way to shove Grayson back in and try again, ha! I didn’t know what I was going to do, hubby had to go back to work, and I was left with a child who never slept and I had a Kinder at the time. Which, where we moved the bus could pick her up, but there were times I loaded both up to take her to school.

When G hit around 3 months of age, we changed doctors. Finally, the doctor said we should dry soy formula and it was like the baby angels was singing. G started sleeping through the night after one week! It was like a magic bottle. We tried everything the first 3 months: gas drops, gripe water, different formulas, everything. I was to the point if soy didn’t work to find a local mom for breast milk, seriously, it was that important.

So, I did start to feel human again. I started sleeping normal, even in my own bed. G started having neck issues. We had to start him on therapy for him to be able to turn his head. That was a piece of cake though, and we got a lot of one on one time during those moments. I no longer prayed for a redo, I was rejoicing into a happy, playful baby. He was always smiling once we got his tummy issues figured out.

After his first year we bought a house. Then a month later he was walking. I started to feel burned out so to speak. I felt like I was going through everyday movements. I wasn’t really doing much of anything. I didn’t know anyone; my anxiety was still pretty high. I was going to therapy around once a week. Truth be known, I probably didn’t want anyone around. I really just went silent, even on here and in life.

This year, in January we started figuring out G wasn’t where he was supposed to be with his vocabulary. He was only saying 5 words! Mom, Dad, Sis, Hey and Bye. He would just go get what he wanted. He learned how to climb counters, and everyone thinks it was because he didn’t know how to use words, so he became self-dependent. He started Babies Can’t Wait program from February to April, his birthday. He went from 5 words to 40! It was truly an amazing experience. In April, he started going to speech therapy with our local school system, they come get him on a bus and bring him back. He goes 2x a week, half days and loves it! He is now making sentences, and says too many words to count. He is still being worked on pronunciation. I can totally see him exceeding in that! He now takes time to learn how to say words the right way. He is still a happy kid, and most everyone loves his well-being. He really is an amazing little guy.

A little update on my daughter. She is 8 and Sassy! When did 8 years old turn to 20? This child is something else, but I wouldn’t change it. With food allergies, she needed some sass! She will put people in their place so fast lol! I know it is a great thing, but mannnn. ha! Well, hopefully I didn’t bore you to tears. Just a little update on where we all are. Thanks for wanting to catch up with us ❤



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  1. I am a first time visitor to your blog, but I’m guessing you discovered your son has food allergies? Your story seems so similar to mine. It was hard, but you survived! Keep jumping!!!!


    • Awe, yay! Welcome to my blog.
      They didn’t think it was an allergy, they just thought he had an intolerance. He can now drink 2% milk, cheese and other things. He also had issues with rice, but we still stay away from that as well.
      My daughter has a life threatening allergy to tree nuts, so we do have a food allergy in the house. 🙂
      Definitely, always jumping from one topic to another. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Grayson rocks!
    And as a nerd, I love that name.
    Well done, Jenna!


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