Jade’s Cute Sayings Pt 2

Before I get started on Jade’s sayings I would like to say Thank You to all of you who have “liked” my blog, and for all my new followers.

Jade just turned 5 years old Christmas eve, and just started Pre-K this past September. This is things she has said since July – December 2012.


Savoy and I were talking about the chickens should be laying eggs soon, and how we could start cooking them.
Jade says, “Don’t eat chicken, the eggs hatch! Don’t eat my friends! Eat fries!”

Jade was running down the hallways and stub her toe.
Jade, “Tell Daddy to move his BOX!”

Woke up and found Jade eating some chips
Me, “Jade, did you get the chips and how did you open them?”
Jade, “Scissors”

Jade just looked out the window and realized it was raining.
Jade, “Mom, It is going to RAIN!”
She jumps down off the couch and runs to the AC to turn it on, she runs back to the couch and sits down beside me.
Jade, “That will blow it away!”

Me, “Jade, how did you get a black eye?”
Jade, “Snow globe did it”
Me, “Snow globe attacked your eye?”
Jade, “Yeah it did”

Me, “Jade, what did you eat for breakfast at school?”
Jade, “A hamburger with a hole in it!”

Jade went to get her blanket from her room.
Me, “Are you cold?”
Jade, “Nope, my leg is hurting, so I will keep it safe under the blanket”
She even pulls our her “good” leg because it wasn’t hurting.

Me, “I think I am getting a sinus headache”
Jade, “Yeah, and your tummy is big”

Jade, “Daddy, we got to take mommy to the Doctor, her tummy is too full!”

Me, “Jade, what did you do at school today?”
Jade, “That’s enough Mom, I can’t tell you everything about my day, all the time.”

Dropping Jade off at school, in the morning and she says, “Mom, you don’t stay at school with me, you go home.”

Spelling out C-A-N-D-Y to Savoy as we pull up to a gas station, when he shuts the door and heads in Jade says, “I want candy, p-a-r-s-t-u-v”

Jade, “I need a lunchbox with a duck cartoon”
Savoy, “Why do you need a lunchbox?”
Jade, “Because I want to eat with my lunchbox friends”
Savoy, “So, this is peer pressure?”
Jade, “yeah”

If you missed the last of Jade’s cute sayings, check it out here


Jade’s Cute Sayings…


I love capturing Jade’s little moments, writing them down in a book, or posting them on my Facebook status, because.. she won’t be small forever, and she says some of the cutest of things! Here is some bits of her sayings…

Let me paint you a picture of how this one played out.
We was watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 5, when Izzie got married to Alex. Jade was sitting in Hubby’s lap, she looked over at him and this is what happened….
Jade: “They having a party?”
I started smiling..
Me: “Nooo, Izzie is getting married.”
Jade cuts her eyes over at me and then looks back at her daddy.
Jade: “Daddy, can I get married, too?”
Hubby: “No!”
Man, hubby was quick with that one!


Jade singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song.
“The eptsy – itsy spy-der went up the catus, down came rain and washed spy-der out. Out cames sun, dried up all rain. Eptsy Itsy Spy-der clubs catus again.”
– We are not really sure where this one came about


Jade: “Mommy, I want a cowboy hat, and boots. I want a rope, too. Call Nana Mum, I tell her.”


We went camping a couple of months ago.. in our front yard. We wanted to see how Jade would do before we actually took the tent to a weird place. She did actually well, other than the tent starting sweating and she was freezing because some-how the blankets all ended up with her Daddy. So, the next night before going to bed…
Jade: “I wanna sleep in the tent”


Jade: “Fire trucks live at the fire station, they must be sleeping”


Talking on the phone to Hubby, and I ask him if he would bring home some i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m (spelled it out, due to Jade sitting beside me). Jade stops coloring and looks at me with a big smile
Jade: “Yeah Mom! ICECREAM! I love Ice Cream!”
– There goes spelling out stuff, guess I will have to spell it backwards.


Jade went to visit Bray Bray in the hospital (Lisa from Life Little Slices son) Brayden told Jade that she could sit with him on the bed. The compared boo-boos and when we left..
Jade: “I go home and make Bray Bray a card and color it”


Jade: “Mom, dont forget when you get up to go pee”


Jade: “Mommy, Were not watching Brothers and Sisters. They’re bad. We watch Dora.”


We was in the car, heading some where .. Jade spots the moon.
Jade: “Can I catch the moon?”
Hubby: “Well, I dunno, it has a head start on us.”
Jade: “Ohhh, It’s far away?”


Taking Jade to the Doctor office
Jade: “Im going to the Doctor, Daddy?”
Hubby: “Yes baby. you need to get better.”
Jade: “Yeah, I have germs”


Jade: “I need rain boots for jumpin in the water peedles”
– not puddles, but peedles loool


Every time we get in the car to go somewhere Jade asks “where were going” and other 1000x questions of how, when, where and why. We will come up to a stop sign and you can hear her say “Red means Stop!”, which is then followed by “Which path to take?”. Going on a ride with her is like having a GPS for a Toddler, but it does let me know that she is learning.


Snacking on a frosty from Wendy’s and Jade busts out with “If rain drops were lemon drops” song.
Hubby started laughing. Hubby asks “Where, or who sings that?”
Jade starts giggling. “BJ sings that Dad!” (BJ is from Barney)
Come to find out Hubby whistles the same thing at work, so I guess like Daddy, like Daughter.


With Brayden being in the hospital Jade asks about him all the time… here is some of the things she asks.
Jade: “Bray Bray, ok?”, “Doctor make him feel better?”, “Bray Bray sick?”, “Bray Bray got Doctor?”, “I love him”
– She asks about him all the time, she is a sweetie. (Brayden is her cousin)


Jade: “Doctor going to check over my bodies?”


Jade: “Mommy! Wake up! the sun is up – no sleep it’s morning! Get up Mommy! – not sleep, Sun is up!”


Jade was sitting in Savoys lap…
Jade: “Daddy, you got snickers?”
I looked at Savoy and then back at Jade…
Me: “Say what Jade?”
Jade looks back at Savoy and rubs her hand on her Daddy’s cheek..
Jade: “You got snickers?”
Savoy and I bust out laughing…
“Whiskers Jade! Whiskers!”


Jade got the kitten and picked her up. Jade was holding by the neck, choking it.. I yelled at her for to hold the kitten right, she moved her hand and was holding it like she should as she walked away from me. I could hear her saying “I’m sorry I choked you Kitty”,  she hugged it and then laid it on the couch


Jade: “Daddy, my eyes. My eye will turn yellow.”


Walking through Wal-mart…
Hubby says, “Hey Jade, how about some walnuts?”
Jade looked at him and said “No Thank You, They taste bad.”


Jade woke up the next morning from her Walnut allergy and says..
Jade: “mommy, I am allll better, all my germs went away”

Mother’s Day

Punctuations; I must!

Got these from Pinterest 🙂 Smiling Yet? I hope so.

Drama at the RailRoad Crossing

So, we was heading to my mom’s house. (This was when we had all the bad weather, a week or so ago). Anyway, we loaded all us up in the car and we get to traveling down the road. We come to the railroad crossing and the gates where down, the lights were blinking and the signals were flashing. Jade starts yelling for the train… This is how it went down.

Google Image

Savoy cuts the radio off, rolls all the windows down, he looks right; he looks left.
We don’t hear a train, nor see one. We wait for about 5 minutes and he is thinking about going around the gates.
Meantime while we are “listening” Jade is smiling and yelling “Train, WHERE ARE CHUUUU?”
Me: Jade, I don’t think the train is coming.
Jade: No, mommy you hush!
Me: Savoy, what you going to do sit here?
Savoy: No! I am going around.
Savoy starts to zigzag through the gates.

Savoy was watching Jade in the rear-view mirror. She was throwing her arms, and pointing her finger. She knew her Daddy didn’t make the right choice at all!
Jade: You Do Not Turn! No NO NO You go STRAIGHT!

Jade kept this up all the way to my moms which is about another 5 minutes or so from the RR Tracks. As soon as Jade got out of the car into her Nana’s arms, she was telling on her Daddy.

Needless to say, our 3-year-old tries to teach us thing. That is never zigzag through the railroad gates, you must wait patiently (even if you are under a tornado warning) haha!
I love my little girl! She is just too smart.




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