24 Weeks

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

I did go to the Dr about the spots I have been seeing, and vast of other things that is going on and he said. It seems like the baby is moving around and when he gets to Breech position you lose it. Once he gets into this position my blood pressure bottoms and that is the hint of why I am getting all my symptoms. He told me to take it easy and if I feel like that again to sit immediately. Here is the thing, I haven’t had my spells since last week! Wooohoo! I will be taking it lightly during Zumba though.

Baby Name
I wish I could tell you guys what the baby’s name is going to be, but my hubs of mine is even keeping me in the dark! What is this!? I couldn’t even tell family at gatherings, because I have no clue and any time someone asked me I told them to go ask the Hubs (I am sure he enjoyed that)

Ack! My brain is like on over-drive with everything that we need. I have no clue on what to buy first, like where do you even start, you know? Okay, enough of catching up with my “normal” life, let’s see what I am craving and doing these days.


Apple Juice
Orange Juice
Mango Juice
How about Juice?
Sugar Cookies
iced Coffee
Mash Potatoes with gravy
Chili Cheese Fries (Why that, I have no clue)

Headaches are coming back
Baby is moving all the time (DD and Hubs even got to feel him!)
Measuring: 24 (how I went from 26 to 24, I dunno?)
Blood Pressure: 110/70
Blood Platelets: 14.2
Blood Sugar: 106
No Protein in Urine
Sleeping – exhausted! I could sleep all the time
Weight: 195lbs (.5 gain)


23 Weeks

I have no clue how I keep missing a week! :/ Sorry!
Here is the update!
Doctor is saying everything looks great, and my weight is great. I am measuring early, but it could be from a lot of different things. He is going to pull my chart from the hospital to see why I needed a CT Scan and vast of other things that was going on after the delivery with Jade. While the Doctor was listening to the heartbeat the baby kicked and moved out-of-the-way.
Onto other things, I can no long bend over! If I do I feel so light-headed, but that is normal I guess. My feet are finally disappearing under my belly, and I am starting to look “pregnant”. (Will get a photo next time)
I am so excited! I am getting some more baby boy clothes!

Welches Mango Chillers Drink
Tater Tots
Chips and Dip
Sprite/Cold Coffee

Movement: all the time
Measuring: 26
Weight Gain: 14 pounds
Finally Sleeping all night again, woohoo!
I am still having pains, but not like I was
Legs tingling, it feels as though they are related to my contractions that I had with DD
Headaches are back

21 Weeks

These weeks keep going by so fast! Gosh I need the Pause button, just for a second! Lil guy is moving like crazy. My eating abilities are changing, I guess due to his taste buds coming in. I am doing pretty good I think. I am still kicking it with Zumba, and exercising at home. Anyway, back to the plan…

CHOCOLATE! Oh, how I love you!
Chocolate Fudge Pop-tarts
Cold Coffee (Starbucks)
Fries (now in ketchup, it was mayo and pepper till I almost lost my lunch)
Sweet Tea (Sprite went out the window)
Grits with cheese and sugar
Dill Pickle Chips

Headaches are back (booo!)
Crazy dreams, but that is probably due to watching Walking Dead right before bed
Fibroid Pain

20 Weeks

Okay, so week 19 disappeared before I thought about it, and well, we will just pick up from here.
I am in week 20 (halfway there!), 20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go.

I still can’t believe I am in week 20, and only have about 4 or so months to go. The baby is…
Woohoo! I’m FINALLY half way through my pregnancy! This week I’m carrying 10.5 inches and 10.5 oz of growing baby-goodness! My perfect little baby boy now has tiny eyelashes, eyebrows, and their tiny teeth buds are sprouting beneath the gum line.

Baby belly
Ice Cold Water
Starbucks Cold Coffee
Breakfast Burritos with Mild Sauce

Constant Bladder Pressure
Toss and Turn in Sleep (even with 5 pillows)
Back Pain (if sitting too long)
Feeling the Baby Move, very often! Even felt it kick with my hand!
Weight Gain: Need to find out at Dr visit, bc my mind doesn’t remember
Sore Nipple (don’t rub ‘em, or touch ‘em)
Acid Reflux, but no Heartburn
My Appetite is not full on, I fill up easy


18 Weeks

Yeah I know, I am late, as always. My eyes are so blurry today, I don’t know if it is due to fatigue or what, but gah! Reading some of the posts was almost impossible. Anyway, I thought I would catch you up on what is going on in my little world. I am actually on week 19 now, but I can’t skip what we found out last week, and with everything booming around, you know Thanksgiving and what not, it seems life gets a little busy.

Last Thursday (Nov 15th) we went in for an Ultrasound, so here you go….

The little 2 things below his “stuff” are his feet, the whiteness near his feet is my cervix! That is how low this boy is, and WOW I can tell it. I have to constantly pee. During this ultrasound, when we first got going, he was sitting Indian Style, Straight up! They think that could be the reason for my headaches, and other things. I have a small upper body, so not much room for lil fellow to workout in.
I am measuring for April 10th, but we are keeping the due date of April 13th, due to my cycle. We will see what happens though.

Constant pressure on bladder
Getting up to go pee in the middle of the night
Leg pain, back pain
Feeling baby move
Weight: 193lb – I think I have gained about 10lbs. Not really sure, but I will ask at next Appt!

Cold Coffee
Welches Chillers Drink

17 Weeks

Wow, this week just started out totally awesome! sarcastic voice, with a sweet, faded smile

Sleep Deprived
Constant pressure on bladder
Ear Pressure
Sore Throat
Feeling baby move more

Chicken Dressing
Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich
French Fries
Pecan/Pumpkin Pie
Welches Chillers Drink

I am so sick :-( I am coughing to the point of gagging. My nose wont open up, and my nose is constantly dripping. I have been dealing with my sinuses and allergies since the end of August and nothing seems to help. It seems like the more times I get this the worse off it gets. I will be calling the OBGYN in the morning, I am so exhausted because I can’t sleep. My throat hurts so bad, and the fan in our room don’t help, but if we turn it off we will slowly start to cook.

16 Weeks

4 Months!

I know I forgot a week, but forgive this pregnant lady, because she has been sleeping, cleaning house, working on paying off bills, catching people to go out to lunch with, helping DD with homework, rounding up farm animals, and trying to take care of herself.

Fever Blister – Gone!
Headaches – 3 to 4 days outta the week
Eat what I want – I just can’t randomly pick something
Naps – Fatigue is killing me again!
Still having lower back pain – only if sitting for too long
Energy – Nada, Nothing, I just want to sleep
Urination has slowed – I can sleep all night!
No fluttering or baby moving yet. I did feel a slight something last weekend, but nothing since then.
Boobs are getting huge! (Hubs likes this)
Maternity Clothes have been a must for about a month
Sinus are freaking crazy! My allergies have always been bad, but now the wind blows and I sneeze. no joke.
Zumba has went down to 1x a week, I really need to start working out at home… I need energy?? I can’t find it though.
Shedding like a cat
Acid Reflux – only at night when I’m trying to go to sleep

Mexican Food
Sugar Cookies
Sweet Tea
French Fries in Mayo with black pepper
Caffine – I know, it is not good for ya, but omg! It is like magic in your mouth.
Tomato Sandwiches
KFC Mash Potatoes and Gravy
Mac and Cheese

With this being our second child, it is like our first. We are having to buy everything again; furniture, clothes, everything. When we moved 4 years ago to this 2 bedroom 2 bath, we never knew how long we would be here, or when we would have another child. So, most of Jade’s stuff was gave away, sold or disappeared somehow. I do regret it, but now we can have better, and bigger. We did talk to a mortgage broker and once some things are paid off, we can start looking for a house and getting the ball rolling, even though that might mean being 9 months, or having a newborn and moving but I know it can be done, and I have friends who will be willing to help, if needed.

And, again, I have no clue how I forgot week 15, but I guess I have been just so busy. My bad

14 Weeks

14 Weeks
Gosh, time is flying. It is so weird that just last week I thought it was creeping by till I scheduled our appointment to find out what I have stewing in the belly.

Fever Blister – took Abreva
Headaches – they last at least 4-6 hrs
Eat what I want – I just can’t randomly pick something
Naps – an hr/less just depends
Still having lower back pain – only if sitting for too long
Gained 4 pounds (I think)
Energy – Finally not sleeping all day!
Memory is Gone – Pregnancy Fogginess

Pecan Pie
Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell
Hot Rolls
Casseroles – Broccoli & Cheese, etc.
Sausage Balls
Sweet Tea
Mexican Food

We found out November 15th! I am so thrilled, not only because we found out that day, but because I get to spend a whole day with me and just hubby, that hasn’t happened in a very long time. We are actually going out to lunch, we have never had a during the week lunch date, since ’07. I think it will be amazing, and we get to spend that time just focused on us. Once we find out what we are having, we will tell DD in detail what is happening, right now I talk about it around her, but I haven’t really sat down and explained everything to her and this will be the perfect time because we will start buying things.


12 Weeks

12 weeks has arrived!
No longer am I taking progesterone, and I am finally seeing my “belly bump”, or “baby belly”.

Sinus headaches
Patience level has went to zero
Still exhausted
Can’t sleep at night due to the “stretching” feeling
Lower Back Aches (Tail bone pain)
Get full easily
Acne break outs on my neck
Acid Reflux

Sour Cream an Onion chips with French Onion dip
Milk! I cannot get enough.
Coke-a-Cola (Pop)
Weight gain so far 5lbs
I can eat sweet stuff but not too rich of a chocolate (if that makes sense)
Cheese and Meats
Chips and Dip
Spicy Foods like Mild Salsa, or Queso Cheese Dip

I can say with this pregnancy I am so thrilled I can actually eat! With DD I could never eat “normal” I could only eat bland things (potatoes, etc), and now I can eat almost anything. I am even going to our local Mexican Restaurant, it has been amazing! I have been getting nausea feeling, like some food just doesn’t “sound” good, or if I get a smell of something it makes my stomach turn. However, I have only thrown up 1x in this pregnancy, so far.

10 Weeks

I know right, 10 weeks!? Man, where has the time gone!?
Just think, in another 10 weeks we get to find out if it is a girl/boy. Excited!? I think so.

A little update:
Last week I was dealing with Jade being sick, and trying not to get sick right beside her. So far no morning sickness, but occasionally, I get the “nausea” feeling, especially when I am bloated (like this week). I went from being fine to bloated, gassy, hard belly, hurt! And of course you can’t really take anything for it, because well, you are just too early in the pregnancy to take anything.  Another “new” thing this week is my weird appetite, nothing seems right. I think I want something, but then when I start looking at it, my stomach turns. I also have been getting this weird feeling in my throat, like right after I eat, it feels like my food is sitting in my throat and not going anywhere. Needless to say, nothing I can do for that either. Sighs.  I don’t go back to the Doctor till the 20th of September. So we will see. If Mylanta doesn’t help me, then when I go I definitely will be talking to the Doctor.
As for the fatigue, I actually am feeling better, and have more energy, but now I have headaches. I replaced one with the other, ROFL. I need to start exercising again, oh how I miss it! My jeans are already fitting tight, and it hurts to button them. I want to go to Target and look into some more maternity pants, because the ones I do have, well, they wont last for very long because they are already getting tight too. Other than all of that, I feel Great!  I have even been trying new recipes, and doing things out of the house.

I hope you all have a Great Weekend, I know we will, because it is FOOTBALL Season!

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