6 Weeks

I went for my first Prenatal visit today. I was there 2 hours! Holy Crap, I know, right? I wanted to take a nap, and I still want to take a nap! The greatest thing is Savoy got to spend those hours with Jade, I heard they went for Ice Cream.

During my visit:
I got to weigh, I lost another pound, I am guessing due to sleeping a lot, pee in a cup, blood pressure, pulse, and wait.
I think I sat in the Office forever it seemed. I don’t even know how long I sat there. It must have been pretty long if they kept telling me they were sorry and so forth. Finally the Nurse Practitioner came in, got the history of my family and about me. Nothings really changed since 5 yrs ago, other than I have a daughter, but the girl was super nice. Even when her laptop died and we had to go over everything again. Then they moved me to a room, where the Dr, Nurse Practitioner and another lady had to watch over for my pap. That made me nervous, I kept wiggling my toes and the Dr was laughing, she said: “You’re wiggling your toes makes me laugh”. I returned with: “It’s my impatient toes”. She wants me to start taking another Prenatal Vitamin, and she prescribed some nausea medicine just in case I got nauseous, which I haven’t so far. We shall see. They wanted me to come in Friday, but with open house for Jade I postponed till Tuesday, that way she will be in school. So, Tuesday I get to see the Jelly Bean. I think I will take my Grandmother with me, just for support, and so she can be a part of this journey. When I was checking out, they wanted me to go across the street to get blood work done, and the place had locked its doors! The sign said 8-5 and I got there 5mins till 5, and Closed! Frustrating, because maybe if my appointment was a little rushed I would have got there in time. So, now I get to go tomorrow, with a 4 yr old, maybe I will wait till after her nap ;-)

They called me to tell me my prg (Progesterone) was very low. I am now taking 100mg Progesterone 2x a day till I am around 13 weeks. After 13 weeks the placenta takes over and I should be good to go, so COME ON 13 WEEKS. And they are wanting to keep an eye on things. The medicine makes me dizzy, so  I have to be careful with standing up, or sitting down. I am taking my Grandma with me, I wanted her to witness a miracle, but now I feel as though I could be stepping on ice and all this stuff could hit me smack in the face. She just lost her husband earlier this year, and I don’t want to put her through more pain than what she is already going through. I have been having cramps and a ton of pulling in my Abdomen. I am still exhausted but they say it is nothing due to my prg levels. The exhaustion is just because I am pregnant.

They done a Scan to see the baby, they called it a fetal pole, kinda like tadpole, but for a baby. The baby is coming perfectly along. 130bpm, about 4mm and you could see the yolk sack, who knew right? I don’t remember a yolk sack with Jade, but maybe I was further along? Who knows.
After the scan we got into a room. About 10minutes or so the nurse came and told us that the Doctor went to deliver a baby, so we sat in the room and waited. Good thing for technology and phones! Or we would have been one bored, lol.
When the Doctor came in she said that she was excited for the mom because she went all natural with a 9 pound baby! She said that the mother of the daughter , who just gave birth, said that she pushed out a 10 pound 3oz baby. The Doctor looked at us and said “I don’t think I would be telling people I pushed out a 10 pound baby out of my vagina.” I still laugh at that, but I guess some women have the power to do that, which I think is awesome. I on the other hand struggled with a close to 7 pounder lol.

I can still eat meats, go out to eat in restaurants, and feel pretty “normal” other than being fully exhausted. I did head on out to Zumba last night, gosh I miss it, and now I am only limited to 1x a week at the gym, which just sucks, Not because of baby, but because I don’t have a sitter.

Now I say, it is time for a nap. This Momma is tired.
I hope all of you are having a wonderful day!



5 Weeks

Day 33
Gosh, I can’t sleep. The cramps are keeping me awake from 3-4 A.M. I just get out of bed, make my way to the bathroom, then to the kitchen to get something to drink, and sit at the computer till the cramps decide to go away. This pregnancy is nothing like Jade’s, I can tell you that. With her I was up cleaning from the time I woke up till the time I went to bed. This pregnancy I just want to sleep. I get up between 8-9am, by noon I am sleeping for an hr, then by 3:00 I am taking a 2 hour nap. Everything is exhausting, and yes, I am taking my vitamins.
August 15 is my appt at the Ob, I hope it will be okay. I don’t know who will keep Jade while I go. We have decided to not tell Jade till I am further along, due to if something happens, it would be hard to explain to her. So, now it’s a waiting game.
Another thing with this pregnancy, Emotions. It is like everything makes me mad, or sad. My Family Doctor told me I probably need to tell my Ob about my emotions, and maybe they could help. It isn’t bad when I am home, but when I am driving, I have MAD road rage lol who does 20 in a 35??



I think that is a yes!
Going Wednesday to Confirm.
Last period July 7th.

I Am Around Week 4
I am guessing the due date to be around April 13th.
We can hear the heart beat on the 18th, just a few weeks.
I am so excited and I hope everything will be okay.
We are not telling Jade till I am a few months, but now we really have to get the ball rolling on moving. This 2 Br 2 Bath is getting small quick.

Thank you everyone who has talked to me, and continued to show support. I will be keeping you guys updated as everything comes along.


  • Tired
  • Boobs are slightly tender
  • Cramping like I am trying to start.
    Hurts more if I forget and try to stretch in the bed,  feels like my uterus is in knots. I try not to stretch, or point my toes in the bed
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