Pro-Life / Pro-Choice

Pro-Life / Pro-Choice

This has to be the most hardest thing to talk about.  Ether someone is “Pro-Life” or “Pro-Choice”, why can we not be neutral?

I am, however, for both. I believe that everyone has their reasoning into why they would choose to give the baby up for adoption, or having an abortion. Maybe they don’t know if they could just give their baby away after carrying it within them.

Have you ever just sat back and viewed the life of someone who has to make a decision of keeping the baby, adoption or abortion?

To keep the baby when you are the one who wanted it, or because your planning is the easiest decision. You wanted the child. You wanted someone to keep you company, to hold, to protect, to teach, and you value everything and anything they see, do, or say.  Some people also think that maybe they should keep their child because they made their bed, they should lay in it, too.

Adoption, maybe you are too young to “keep” your child. You know you are not mature enough to take on the responsibility of another human being coming into the world that you have yet to adventure. I do believe in adoption. There are so many married, single, or partnered individuals out there who want that bond! Maybe they are seeking adoption because they can never have children of their own? Or maybe they don’t want to risk a fetal disease passing on to their children? Another thing, there is always adoption because people would rather give that child a nicer home than living in foster homes all their life.

Abortion, some may say that “abortion” is killing a human being. Maybe it is killing a human being, but would you want to carry a child within you that you didn’t want to begin with? As an example, someone who is raped and it just so happens the girl gets pregnant by the person who raped her. She would have to carry that baby within her. Could you imagine looking down at your belly and images of how the raped happened flashes before your eyes? Going through that day in and day out? I couldn’t imagine that. I wouldn’t want a child coming into the world that I never wanted to begin with.

Another thing, what would you say to your child when it got bigger and asked did you want me? Would you lie to them? Don’t we teach our children to not to lie? We teach them manners. You can’t lie to your child its whole life, eventually the truth comes out.

Well, anyway, As you may see I am in the middle. I think you need to do what is right for you. With doing what is right for you, then you are not making anyone else happy but yourself and that’s all that matters!


Addiction. A hard word to define.
You may look at it and you wonder how such an easy word can be so hard to define in my world. Hmph. Lets just set it all out there.

When you are talking to someone and they tell you I had an “addiction”. Your mind begins to wonder what was their problem, or really I never knew that. Some people don’t talk about their problems, but truth be known you can be addicted to a lot of things, not just drugs. Usually, however, people who get addicted to certain things try to cover up their emotions, feelings, or try to hide from what is reality. You may begin to ask yourself what is your addiction?

An addiction is something that you think you “need” everyday. When in reality, you dont. Just stop and think.
It could be the lovely cold coke a cola, ice in your cup, the coffee you have to have every morning, talk to a complete stranger, a video game, being in a relationship etc. In my eyes, an addiction is something that pulls you away from what is real. You don’t need anything to make you happy. You have to make yourself happy.

People who are “addicted” to some things just want someone to reach out to them. If no one ever reaches out to them, then they just keep falling into the pit of no one cares for them, so they just keep on with their addiction because it satisfies them. Sometimes it just takes you spitting out your words in front of them. Telling them the truth to their face instead of you continuing talking about them to others.
So next time you think someone isn’t being themselves then speak up and talk to them. Stop trying to sugar coat something that will eventually leave your friend or family in a dark path of never turning back.

Your friend or family is more important to you then anything. You may not have your friends or family tomorrow because we are never guaranteed another day. Reach out and seek a hug! Come on friends its time to communicate.

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