Thankful in November

I know I haven’t been writing a lot, but don’t worry I am still around. I am getting my life adjusted because a lot of things are going to be changing in the coming year. I will tell you that I am taking a break from my weight loss journey for right now, due to things going on in my life at the moment. Also, my neck has healed! I am glad for that but it does catch every once in awhile.

During this month, and the next month I am spending every moment I can with my husband before he starts another shift. We are praying that he can stick to the Monday – Friday shift, but you never know what will happen. We are praying for the great news and continue to be looking forward to more awards in our path.

Another thing is we are thinking/talking about another baby, and I am excited but then again I don’t want to get anybodies hopes up rather we are or we’re not, so I am just going to keep it simple till we figure something out on our own.

I haven’t been going to church either, and not because I don’t like it, but because I want to suck up all the time with my husband. In the past 6 years he has worked weekends and now since he is off on the weekends I wanna spend those times with him. He just started being off on the weekends (not just every other weekend) this past October (so, not even a month) and they are already talking about sending him back to swing shift this January. I love sleeping in and waking up with him still there, and I am sure if you was in my shoes you would want the same.

We have been going places on the weekends too since he has been off. It is like mini vacations or just spending time together. This weekend I went to see Breaking Dawn with Lisa. We also go eat chips and dip at the local Mexican restaurant with a order of cheese dip of course and a margarita! YUM! We can always use a girls night and I simply love it. Saturday, I woke up 6 hours later to go with my husband to a reptile expo or show, which ever they call it. It was different, but it was spending time with him and if he wants to go look at snakes, lizards, turtles, and other things then I will be right beside him. On the way home we got confused in road construction and ended up 160 miles out of the way from where we was. I had to call my mom, who was babysitting Jade, that we would be about 2 hours later from the pickup time. lol. I am glad she understood! The hamburger 2 hours away from home, taste the same by the way! lool. Today, we got up, cleaned the house some and went to do a little bit of Christmas shopping! I am tired! Monday, I can see a nap or 2 sneaking into my schedule.

However, in this post I will tell you I am thankful for…

God – Because well I am here. I should always be thankful for another day
Jade – She is so loving, she really brightens my days.
Husband – He is so caring, thoughtful, and he works so hard for us.
Life – Living another day, I wouldn’t change anything.
Mom – She wants to do so much for us, she is loving & caring.
Phones – communication when you need it.
Blogging friends – Because they rock!
Friends – They will always be there for you no matter the distance
Car – without it, we would be walking
Food – Because well Dressing will be sitting on my table in the near future
Cookies – Always need that sweet delicious something
Ice Coffee – The benefits of giving you energy and that wonderful taste
My Flat Iron
Being a Stay at Home Mom – Many of people would love to do what I do.
A new House – We will be moving in the next year
Graduation – My husband will be graduating next year
Medication – For healing
Weight Loss –
— Gosh, There is so much I am thankful for I could go on and on. Just know I am thankful for everything I touch, see, feel and see (well the positive things at least).

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I hope your days are filled with laughs, joy and happiness, because without that life would be pretty boring. I miss all of you and I hope to be able to write more in later days. Personally I haven’t been writing because a lot of things haven’t been going on. Just the same ole stuff just different day kinda thing lol I guess though as you can see a lot of things have been going on I just haven’t been venting LOL!

Later my readers, I will be back
((Hugs Virtually with much Love))
~ Jenna


Drama at the RailRoad Crossing

So, we was heading to my mom’s house. (This was when we had all the bad weather, a week or so ago). Anyway, we loaded all us up in the car and we get to traveling down the road. We come to the railroad crossing and the gates where down, the lights were blinking and the signals were flashing. Jade starts yelling for the train… This is how it went down.

Google Image

Savoy cuts the radio off, rolls all the windows down, he looks right; he looks left.
We don’t hear a train, nor see one. We wait for about 5 minutes and he is thinking about going around the gates.
Meantime while we are “listening” Jade is smiling and yelling “Train, WHERE ARE CHUUUU?”
Me: Jade, I don’t think the train is coming.
Jade: No, mommy you hush!
Me: Savoy, what you going to do sit here?
Savoy: No! I am going around.
Savoy starts to zigzag through the gates.

Savoy was watching Jade in the rear-view mirror. She was throwing her arms, and pointing her finger. She knew her Daddy didn’t make the right choice at all!
Jade: You Do Not Turn! No NO NO You go STRAIGHT!

Jade kept this up all the way to my moms which is about another 5 minutes or so from the RR Tracks. As soon as Jade got out of the car into her Nana’s arms, she was telling on her Daddy.

Needless to say, our 3-year-old tries to teach us thing. That is never zigzag through the railroad gates, you must wait patiently (even if you are under a tornado warning) haha!
I love my little girl! She is just too smart.

People Watching

We pulled into the gas station. Hubby parked so he can pump gas on the left side, and that way he can just walk straight in the door and pay. I usually people watch while at a gas station. Well, this time there was actually something to watch, haha.
While Hubby went inside I noticed this guy walking in circles in the parking lot, maybe more like figure 8s combined with circles. He was puffing on a cigarette and keeping his head low. He wore a gray and white stripped shirt with gray cargo shorts with flip-flops. His hair was all shagged out, looked as though he hadn’t washed in a few days, and never brushed it, but who knows.
He continued to walk around, the same pattern, then the lady beside me stopped pumping her gas, she climbed in her SUV and flashed her lights at the guy. The guy then stopped walking his pattern and walked straight to the side of the building (the side of the store with no door). The lady pulls into the parking spot, which took her about 5 minutes to pull into. She pulled her SUV inch by inch to get into that parking place, finally when she was satisfied she parks it.
The lady gets out of her vehicle about 2-3 times before she finally just decides to turn her car off and get out for good. The guy approached her when she walked to the side of the building. He was still keeping his head low and pacing.
After they talked the lady leans against the corner of the building and lights her cigarette. The lady had a scarf around her neck, dark big sunglasses, and her pulled up into a pony tail. Now, it is almost 10 o’clock at night. Strange much? Even with the big sunglasses you can tell she is keeping an eye on the guy, who is now back doing his patterns in the parking lot. You can tell she is watching him because her head moves everywhere he goes, haha.
The guy finally stops behind a car and puts out his cigarette. The car beside him is pulling out, he is in between the car pulling out and the car that is parked. The guy backing out probably didn’t even see the guy standing there. The guy finally moved an inch away from the tires before they got run over.
After the car left the guy went into the store and out of the store about 3 times before we starting leaving.
Hubby gets into the car and says, “Don’t you find him suspicious?”
I simply said, “yeah, well, duh.”
Hubby, “kinda weird for the lady to be wearing black sunglasses in the pitch dark.”
Me, “Well, yeah, but who knows.”
Meanwhile, Hubby continues watching them as we leave.

Do you ever people watch while you are out?

Just Thinking A Little


I have wrote 200 things that I thought about, followed, challenges, and just regular ideas. I didn’t realize I have wrote so much, haha.


You guys are what make this blogging experience worth it!


Six Word Saturday

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Oh, I ran out of paint.

I am beginning my living room project, but when I went on a search for my paint, so I can begin the coffee table, I had no luck finding it. I finally asked my Hubby where the paint was and he asked why. I told him I wanted to get started on painting the coffee table and he said, “Well, you are just going to have to hold on till we get more paint.”
Now I am wondering where all my paint went! We bought 2 small (32 oz) cans, and only used about 2 inches out of the 2nd can, so where did all the paint go? ~Sigh~ Looks like I will be on hold to paint till next week.

Other than that, my weekend is going great! One of my friends came by and brought her kids yesterday, while Hubby was at work. Jade had so much fun that she ran up to her daddy when he got home and started telling him all about meeting Jon Jon, Day Day, Nathan, and Levi.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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My Life as a Book

A blurb about my life…

An overweight woman with blue eyes that sparkle, Jenna has always seen the positive in her life, especially when she looks down to her little girl growing up before her eyes. While her husband provides for the life she is living and her friends come and go throughout the years. Jenna starts to begin her weight loss journey, watching the calories she takes in and giving up completely on fast food. She listens as her friends and family comment on the transformation back to where she once was. Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies and hot delicious brownies are all the wrong foods that give her comfort and satisfaction. The one thing she knows is she has to get herself back to where she was, which is her skinny body and happy.

Being a stay at home mom, she never thought it would her dream; Jenna loves teaching her daughter the basics of life and finds herself loving the war she battles with her weight. Despite the ups and downs, Jenna remains close to her friends, even if some are far away, but never too far from her heart. Thought her friends are quite different from her, they all have one thing in common love. So, when her friends announce how much they miss her, Jenna finds herself feeling lost again in this big world. As time passes by, she feels the need to start making plans, and when her plans begin to tumble around her, she doesn’t want to give up hope.

The past behind Jenna is a lifetime of happiness and hurt, even though she tries to forget it all. Ahead of her are a lot of challenges: to continue losing weight, celebrate what she has, and to rise above anything that comes her way. She has to fight hard in what she believes in and she deserves nothing but the best. Overweight or not she is a beautiful person and she will finally see that for herself.

~First blurb I ever did~ I hope it was good πŸ˜› This being the About page? I think so.

A Day in the Mommy World

The things you learn being a mommy, and everyday adventures…

1) Jade will want to sit in Daddy’s lap when Mommy is cuddling next to daddy.

2) You know every theme song to children’s movies/ Tv Shows (Tinkerbell, Barbie, Word World, Sesame Street, Toy Story, etc.)

3) You constantly say “Get your finger out of your nose”

4) You hear “Mommy” 1400x a day (no joke)

5) I have days where I will hug Jade, laugh, cuddle, then the next day you ask yourself “Why, oh, why did I want kids again?”

6) walking into the living room noticing that she used her crayons to color a picture on the TV, or the computer monitor.

7) Walking down the aisle of a store to have Jade yelling as loud as she can, “Mommy I have to pee pee in the potty!” and not just 1 time, it is the whole time you are walking her to the bathroom.

8) Going out to eat and the sudden outburst of “HEY! HEY BOY! HEY!” (even if it our waiter)

9) Cleaning the house: You will always have something sticky, rather it is in the refrigerator, counter, floor, or on toys.

10) Jade walking up to me after getting out of the shower.. and she says, “Mommy, does that hurt!?” She then points to my stretch marks on my tummy, and asks, “Mommy will you be okay!?” She turns her head sideways and looks at me with her big blue eyes.

Living Room Makeover

Living Room Makeover – One piece of furniture at a time πŸ™‚

When I was getting into this, well, when I was thinking about it…
I didn’t think about the heat, nor the time haha!!

I did decide not a flat black, but a semi-gloss black. That way the semi-gloss adds as protection, but the wood still looks nice and not like plastic πŸ™‚

It took me about 3 to 4 hours to do this, and I didn’t even need to sand it. The only reason why it took so long was 90 degree heat + no shade = your insides are melting or cooking away, either one lol!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, here is my completion, and next time it will be the coffee table. I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend, but unfortunately the weekend has came to an end, and now our week begins. To me; it is just another day to be smiling about. Have a wonderful Monday my friends.

3-4 hours of work, drowning in sweat and heat.. I think someone should kiss the painter πŸ™‚ (Which, on another hand, Hubby did help me)
~Thank You Hubby~



My Dream Come True

My Dream House

Wow, I have been thinking about this one since 2004.

It is a ranch style house with no “dog houses” on top. It has a straight roof, with a full front porch, and a big enough back porch. My yard is landscaped front and back. The back yard is fenced in for the dogs and all the kid toys are out back as well. There is a cedar type shed for hubby’s things, a garage that has a covered walkway to the side door of the house.

Google Image

(it would look like this but a straight roof)

The outside would be either a moss green plank-board, or desert tan vinyl siding. The shutters would be black, as well as the window treatments. The front porch would be painted white. White posts, and a stained porch floor, or placed rock in smooth cement. Black iron thing to go on the columns of the porch to hang flowers from, the driveway would be poured cement lined with flowers on both side, also poured cement coming from the driveway to the front porch steps.

Google Image

The back yard would have a pond with goldfish, and a swing set that would last forever, a tire swing hanging in the shade of a huge tree, and hanging just barely off the ground. There would be a sitting area with a grill with flowers all around for the feel of peace or romance, just whichever mood strike first. The back yard will be up for entertainment and playing as the front yard would be for the hammock laying as you read a great book, or for a quick nap.

Google Image

When you walk into the inside it would be warm and inviting. There would be a double window when you walk in. The L-shape kitchen would be on your left, with an island that you could see from the living room. The flat screen would fit onto the wall so you can watch tv from the kitchen, and it would be an open floor plan. The Dining room would be to your right.
There would be 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths. The laundry room would be right beside the side door to go to the garage (which is a detached). The laundry room would be big enough to fold laundry, and house everything from the hot water heater, to the washing machine, and dryer, with a small sink just in case I might need to rinse off my shoes from being outside. One of the 4 bedrooms would be a type of office/workout room.

The Master bedroom would be big. It would have double french doors and have a walkway to the porch outside. The bathroom would be connected to the bedroom, with just a door separating them. There would be a jetted tub, with a window, the shower would be big enough for two, and it would be made with slate rock. The walk-in closet would be right outside the bathroom, of course one side mine, one said his, haha!

I shall continue dreaming πŸ™‚ Maybe one day this will be my Dream Come True.

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