Allergies, Oh My

Yesterday, Jade went to Nana’s while Hubby and I went to get groceries, and do a little bit of fishing. Hubby caught 2 Bass and I caught 2 Brim, even saw a lot of baby turtles. I was catching Brim off bread, who knew? The clouds starting rolling in, the thunder was getting closer, so Hubby paddled us to the truck. We loaded everything up on the truck and hauled off to get Jade before the rain started pouring down, making the boat 10x heavier than it should be.

Before we get to Nana’s, Jade took a bite out of a yogurt that wasn’t hers. Nana made her yogurt with Strawberries and walnuts and Jade’s without walnuts, but Jade took a bite with the walnuts and realized it, she started spitting out the walnuts, and instantly started crying. When we got there Jade was at the door saying “I got to the hospital, I need Doctor.” The storms were rolling in a lot closer now, as the lightning started popping outside. I told my mom to go ahead and give her some Benadryl, and when we get home I will see if I have anything else to give her.

We get home, Hubby unloaded the truck and I ran Jade inside. I took her temp and she didn’t have one, but I noticed her shirt was soaked, I watched her for a few seconds and realized that every time she would drool she cried. I knew then she couldn’t control her drooling, but I just figured it was allergic reaction, her body was just trying to get the walnut stuff out of her mouth. Hubby came inside, Jade walked up to him and I noticed the back of her legs were red. I told Hubby to check her out, he pulled up her shirt and yelled for us to get in the truck that she is now breaking out in hives.

On the ride to the ER I would ask Jade to count to 10 and 20, doing everything to keep her awake. I sang her songs, and made out the lightning strikes was a light show, saying “Ohhh pretty, did you see that Jade?” Every red/green light I would ask what color it was and what does it mean. She stayed awake for the 15 minute ride. When we pulled up in the ER I unloaded her and carried her in.

I didn’t even sign her in, they took her straight back for vital signs, checking her Temp, pulse, oxygen, weight, and etc. They put her in the waiting area and told us that she was the 2nd to the next one to go back into a room. So, we take her to the waiting area and I tried to get her to talk to me, but she didn’t want to. I looked at Hubby and told him to check her tongue, which is when we realized her tongue is swelling. So, back to the front desk nurse I go. She waved us to come on back.

They put Jade straight into a room, hooked her up to a pulse and oxygen reader. They brought her crayons and the nurses stayed with her, they were so good to her and laughed, and talked about how smart she is. Once the Doctor came in he said that she had a systemic rash, a very high allergic reaction that had to be from the walnut and he said it didn’t matter that she spit it out, shes allergic to it and its a severe case. Once the Doctor left the nurses came in with juice and stickers. After about 30mins they gave her an epi shot, steroids and Benadryl, then sent us home.

So, long story short… No Walnuts for Jade.

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